Wednesday, January 26, 2011

532. SGU 6888 Y

Contributed by khim:

A Camry is not really a huge car. It's slightly larger than a Corolla, so any normal driver should be able to park it correctly. Only a Parking Idiot could park a car like this. Seriously - does this fella need guide poles or a valet to park his car? Perhaps he really should change to a Corolla - or even a Picanto - if he is unable to park a car like a Camry.

Taken at Waterloo St. MSCP on 18 Jan.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

531. YM 6219 H

Contributed by khim:

Looks like truckers want to be on the web as Parking Idiots as well. This is the second truck of the new year. This one is really a downright moron - as he could have parked so much more onto his right without causing any inconvenience to anyone. But, noooo... he had to prove his idiocy by parking too much to his left and onto the next lot. 1st class parking idiot - probably can't distinguish his left hand from his right.

Taken at Greenridge Shopping Centre on 14 Jan.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

530. SJF 8285 S

Contributed by Jas:

Aren't "P-Plate" drivers supposed to be already qualified at circuit skills like parking correctly before they are issued their licence? Well, obviously this idiot is one of those who must have cheated at the exam. How in the world could anyone consider this as proper parking? I suggest the Traffic Police might want to revoke this idiot's driving licence. Looks like he or she will be a major menace on the roads.

Taken at Bukit Panjang Plaza.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

529. SBJ 308 L

Contributed by zac:

See what I mean about idiot BMW drivers? This one must be Mr Magoo - too blind to see if he's at all in a parking lot. BMW driver with inferiority complex - parking on motorcycle lots. Please go for counselling - you need the therapy, dude!

Taken on 13 Jan 2011.

528. GN 4007 Z

Contributed by Angry Resident:

Here is a prime example of inconsiderate parking. The is clearly a place for motorcycles to park, yet this idiot truck driver thinks he can just park anywhere he likes. This is a case of simply being too lazy to find a proper lot, but just taking the easy way out by parking illegally and inconsiderately for his own convenience. Only way for these idiots to learn a lesson is to get the vehicle clamped.

Taken at Blk 684/685 Race Course Road Car Park on 13 Jan 2011.

527. SJA 6589 E

Contributed by PP:

This BMW driver must very unskilled. Only a 5-series, but this idiot is unable to get this medium sized sedan parked properly - even when driving head in, when it is so easy to park into the centre of the lot. BMW drivers are surely making a mark for themselves as parking idiots - as so many of the cars displayed on this blog are Bimmers. Is that true? Are a majority of Bimmer drivers parking idiots? Discuss.

Taken at TechPoint (10 AMK ST 65) on 6 Jan 2011.

526. SJQ 8182 Y

Contributed by zac:

Another village idiot ... Holland Village Idiot. Has a problem in seeing in straight lines.  A perfectly painted bright yellow parking lot seems to be invisible in this moron's rear view and side mirrors. Idiots like these probably commit other infractions on the road, like failing to check blind spot when turning or changing lanes, a real menace to other road users.

Taken at Holland Village on 7 Jan 2011 at 12.30pm.

525. SGN 6049 P

Contributed by zac:

Holland Village seems to have an unfortunate number of parking idiots. Is it just possible that these morons actually think they are in Europe where there's an abundance of space, and they can just park anywhere, anyhow? I think it's more likely these idiots are just a bunch of inconsiderate, lazy bums who are just plain selfish.  The driver of this Honda Odyssey should undertake an odyssey to learn road courtesy.

Taken at Holland Village on 6 Jan 2011 at 1pm.

524. SJZ 4661 K

Contributed by zac:

Looks like the new year is bringing about a slew of Parking Idiots. Higher prices COEs have not dampened the idiocy of parking inconsiderately, as evidenced by this moron who is unable to differentiate where a car park lot begins and where it ends.  New car, new year, new idiot!

Taken at HDB Hub on 5 Jan 2011 at 1pm.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

523. SGQ 5655 E

Contributed by Fiona:

1st Parking Idiot for the New Year... Welcome to!! This idiot colt driver must have had too much booze during the New Year party and parked his car on motorcycle lots. Dude, I know a Mit Colt is small, but it's not so small to fit onto a motorcycle lot! Get your eyes checked, fella!