Monday, June 05, 2006

287. Contributed by alwaysParksuisui:

Here is a Merc who thinks his car is way too big to fit in one lot. Or perhaps the idiot driver is too big for the lot. Whichever the case, the idiot driver is definately selfish and inconsiderate.

Taken at Parkway Parade on 9 may 2006 at about 11:20am.

286. Contributed by Serene:

This idiot Nissan is a multiple idiot - he has parked on motorcycle lots, gone over a kerb and is destroying the grass and the environment, is parked in such a manner to obstruct traffic in the carpark and is a road hazard. Someone should tow this one to the nearest scrapyard. The idiot does not deserve to drive.

Taken at Bedok Central on 13 May 2006.

285. Contributed by Michael:

Here's another idiot Toyota driver who does not understand the meaning of courtesy. Parking like this is extremely selfish, it makes life difficult for other drivers, who would have to squeeze into the next lot with little or no buffer space so that they can park as well. This idiot deserves clamping.

Taken at Tampines Plaza B2 carpark on 12 May 2006 at about 6:00pm

284. Contributed by Jessie:

Here is a supremely selfish idiot. Parked his big Toyota in front of 3 parking lots and left it there. And you know how difficult it is to find empty lots at East Coast Park. And for those who think that it may have been an emergency - what?! "I had to go for an urgent swim, no choice had to leave the car there." Duh! How long does it take to reverse park, even in an emergency - 20 secs?

Taken at East Coast Park. Submitted on 12 May 2006

283. Contributed by ADriver:

Here's another tiny car who's deluded idiot driver thinks is as big a Hummer and parks on 2 lots. Dude, wake up... it's a Picanto. It can probably be parked parallel in a vertical lot with space for a couple of bikes, even. Yet this fool can't park properly. Needs licence to be revoked.

And those who even think that he was forced to park this way - please, if he had no space on his own lot - he could have parked properly in the next lot (No 417), which was obviously empty. And this moron was parked like this for at least 4 hours.

Location not stated. Submitted on 12 May 2006.

282. Contributed by TKM:

What makes this one an idiot? It's not that he's parked in a loading/unloading bay - he may have a legitimate reason to do so - to unload something, perhaps. But he is an idiot because he parked his tiny car on 2 lots. Effectively denying any other vehicle, except perhaps a bike, from parking next to him. This is a selfish idiot; deserves clamping!

Taken at Blk 268 Compassvale on 12 May 2006 at about 11:45am

281. Contributed by ourmail:

Such a beautiful and clear picture of a super idiot!! He thought his Toyota is a small as a bike to park in a bike lot! This one clearly deserves a clamping!

Taken at MSCP 8A Ghim Moh Road. Submitted on 12 May 2006.

Friday, June 02, 2006

280. Contributed by U-Park-Crooked-I-Shoot:

There seems to an epidemic of parking idiots at this condo carpark. Here are two Dumb and Dumber SUV drivers wanting to share the penalty for parking on disabled lots. Effectively no lots at all left for the disabled. Just next to the earlier Lexus idiot. What is wrong with these people.

Taken at Hillview Condo on 6 May 2006 at about 11:30pm

279. Contributed by U-Park-Crooked-I-Shoot:

This white Lexus is a copycat idiot of the earlier Beemer idiot. Purposely being a road hazard, wanting someone to whack into his rear and cause an accident in the carpark. Idiots like these should have their licences revoked.

Taken at Hillview Condo on 6 May 2006 at about 11:30pm

278. Contributed by U-Park-Crooked-I-Shoot:

Here is an idiot of the Sotong Class. Totally oblivious he is being such a road hazard. Rich guy, but small mind. Many proper lots about, but he wants to park beside the lift thus he causes an obstruction for everyone else. And because it is a bend, this is also a blind spot for others. Moron!!

Taken at Hillview Condo on 6 May 2006 at about 11:30pm

277. Contributed by JT:

Here is a teacher in a school parking like an idiot. Obviously it is not a driving school teacher... but one wonders on the kind of example a teacher sets by parking like this. It has forced the car on the right to also park like an idiot to avoid the Nissan.

Taken at Yuying Secondary School on 25 April 2006 at about 11:00am

276. Contributed by NM:

Here is an idiot in a Hyundai Matrix who is unable to park properly in a lot. This is no accident, this moron committed the error two days running. By parking like this, the motorcycles in the bike park behind the cars have a have a hard time coming in or going out. Perhaps they ought to ride over this Matrix!

Taken at Tan Tock Seng Hospital on 11 May 2006 at about 9:00am.

275. Contributed by James.

Here's a zhnged Tuscani, who's idiot driver should have zhnged his parking skills instead. He's parked over the line, and into a disability parking space moreover. It's already difficult enough for the disabled to drive or park, without morons like this make it tougher.

Taken at Blk 100 Toa Payoh Lor 1. Submitted on 10 May 2006

274. Contributed by Ryan:

Here's an idiot who can afford an overpriced SUV, but is brainless in operating it. Did they teach in driving school that it's ok to park like this? Such thoughtless morons should be banned from driving.

Location not stated; submitted on 10 May 2006.

273. Contributed by LJ:

Constant idiot. Female. Parks like a moron every night. Needs driver retraining - should sign up with a bus company, they'll teach her how to park big vehicles properly.

Place not stated. Submitted on 10 May 2006

272. Contributed by quithrill:

Woah! This is extremely idiotic parking! How the heck is the other driver going to get into his car, and drive off without knocking into this idiot's car! Someone should tow away this idiot CRV. This is the result of issuing a moron a driving licences.

Taken at Carpark 56 at Ngee Ann Polytechnic on 5 May at about 8:00pm.

271. Contributed by Jeffrey:

Here's a truck driver who probably cheated on his driving test's parking section to pass. He constantly being an idiot and parking in this way, occupying multiple lots and not bothering to adjust to park properly. This one requires retraining.

Taken at Blk 461 Jurong West St 41 on 14 April 2006

270. Contributed by slideaway:

Here's a selfish idiot who does not give a hoot about others. Just chucked his long assed Grandis into a centre lot, but also occupying the lot on the right, effectively blocking another driver from parking there. And the contributor noticed that this MPV was there for a few hours, so it was not for a quickie or urgent matter that this idiot left his car like that. Clamp the bugger!

Taken at Costa Rhu condo, Olivia Block on 10 May 2006 at about 11:30pm.

269. Contributed by Alan:

Here's an idiot who has a fetish to be a biker, and starts off by parking in their lots. Wonder if the real bikers will be sympathetic to his fetish when they discover him occupying their space.

Taken at Bukit Batok West Ave 2. Submitted on 10 May 2006