Wednesday, May 31, 2006

268. Contributed by Bernard:

We should start up a sub-section for parking idiots at Suntec. There seems to be so many of them there. Are the carpark fumes in Suntec detrimental to one's parking skills? Look at this idiot in a brand new Chevy station wagon. Parks well into the lot in front - and then just leaves it there without any consideration at all to the next driver. If another were to park in the front lot - he'd either hit the station wagon as he was backing in, or park out of the lot onto the driveway and be an obstruction himself. Someone ought to clamp this idiot station wagon.

Taken at Suntec City. Submitted on 9 May 2006

267. Contributed by sfx:

This is a mentally handicapped driver who is too lazy to park in a proper spot slightly further away - he prefers to be inconsiderate and park in a disabled lot.

Taken at Biztech Centre on 4 May 2006

266. Contributed by sfx:

Here's a truck driver who's a super selfish idiot. I know truckers got to make deliveries - but to park so inconsiderately and to block the bike lots as well as other cars, not to mention being a road hazard is too much. How'd he feel if he came back to his truck and found two others in front and behind him, blocking his way?

Taken at Blk 127 Lorong 1 Toa Payoh on 22 April 2006

265. Contributed by sfx:

Here's an idiot who does not know the meaning of a carpark. This blithering idiot has left his huge-assed SUV at a carpark entrance, blocking all other drivers and being a road hazard. This nutter should be towed away.

Taken at Lorong 8 Toa Payoh on 3 May 2006

264. Contributed by sfx:

Here's an idiot who has the whole carpark to park in nicely, but chooses to be an idiot by parking out of the lot. This must be a genetic disorder - but I cannot fathom why anyone in the right mind is not able to park properly in this carpark.

Taken at the Carpark near the Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange on 12 May 2006 at about noon.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Came across this cute flash game from Peugeot in a car forum:

Parking Practice

Those in need of parking retraining can start with this parking simulator! ha! ha!

Have fun!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

263. Contributed by Shull:

Here's another car who's too big for his lot - must have delusions he is a bus. This idiot driver should go for an eyesight test and driver retraining.

Taken at Chinatown Complex. Submitted on 8 May 2006

262. YL5823A

Contributed by kimjio:

Here is a despicable idiot. Lest those of you who think this was an emergency stop or for a delivery, this truck was parked like this for quite a while. The contributor had had his dinner, and returned to the carpark, and the truck was still there. pity or to summon? Just a selfish idiot - no doubt.

Taken at Blk 16 Teck Whye Lane. Submitted on 8 May 2006

261. Contributed by rin:

This driver is a selfish idiot. He deliberately parked in a reserved lot meant for another car, and not even on one lot - he occupied 2 lots, by parking in the centre. He did so whilst the contributor was standing there looking at him parking, blatantly doing the wrong thing and not giving a damn. The carpark security should also not give a damn about him and go ahead and clamp the idiot. Let him learn the lesson the hard way.

Taken at Lion City. Submitted on 8 May 2006

260. Contributed by rin:

Here is a Merc driver, even with so much parking available, is so idiotic that he can't even get it into a lot properly. I strongly advise for this idiot to give up driving altogether, and let the qualified people drive. Wannabe drivers should just stick to game consoles and simulators.

Taken at Lion City. Submitted on 8 May 2006

259. Contributed by M:

Here's another RAV4 who has failed parking. The idiot driver, even if he had aligned his parking with the yellow car in front, he would have still parked properly. But, nooooo... our guy here prefered beingt an idiot and parked out of his lot, giving problems to others.

Taken at Sime Darby Centre. Submitted on 8 May 2006

258. Contributed by Anthony:

Here is a Toyota Wish driver who is really not confident of his own driving skills. Even though this car has a reverse sensor, way before the sensor kicks in, the idiot driver has stopped reversing, and calls it a day. His car is still nearly halfway out of lot, yet this blithering idiot is happy to leave it there, an obstruction and road hazard to others.

Taken at Blk 175 MSCP Punggol Field on 7 May 2006 at about 11:00pm

Some Musings

To those who have commented on temporary parking for delivery purposes. Every HDB block of flats has such lots specially catered for such purposes. Also, most HDB flats have a garbage chute area with a wide space for the garbage truck.

Actually, I am not against parking at such areas. I would not want to post pics of cars/trucks parked properly in such areas - because they may be people making deliveries or parking for an urgent need. However, I would still expect them to park properly in these areas and not block others, be a road hazard, etc. As I have previously mentioned - I do not post pictures of vehicles that are just breaking the law; they need to be also of inconsiderate parking, causing obstruction, etc.

To park in a disability parking space is a no-no, unless you have a valid label. Having driven for many years, I have come to realise that everybody will have a thousand and one 'valid' excuses to park at a disability parking space. If we were to accept all that - then we may as well convert all the lots in a carpark to disability parking spaces, so that all the regular drivers who like to park in these lots will have sufficient space. Most of the pictures you see here of people parking at the disability parking spaces without a parking label are those who have been inconsiderate and leaving their cars there for hours or overnight - not those who are only urgently parking for a few minutes and then leaving.

Therefore, you need not feel pity for these drivers who get their cars displayed on this blog - if you park like an idiot - be prepared to be shown up here.

I hope those readers who have been having a 'flame war' in the comments section stick to commenting on the posts themselves, instead of hurling barbs at one another. If you do have to argue - please refrain from using obscenities. Thanks all!!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

257. Contributed by Gideon:

Here's a P-Plater who probably should not have passed the test - 'cos he sure fails at parking. I recommend to the TP to ask those parking like this idiot, to recall these type of P-Platers for a retest.

Taken at Bt Batok Central near the MacDonalds. Submitted on 7 May 2006.

256. Contributed by C Y:

Here are 3 idiots who think that parking in the washing bay of the MSCP is very convenient for themselves. But oblivious to the annoyance of the other drivers who want to wash their cars, but cannot as these idiots are occupying the space.

Taken at Depot Road. Submitted on 7 May 2006

255. Contributed by NawNaw:

Here's a Hyundai Accent with too much space to park, that the idiot driver was undecided which lot to take - thus ended up taking up both lots and depriving someone else because of his incosiderate behavior.

Taken at LakeHolmz. Submitted on 7 May 2006

254. Contributed by Tommy:

Here's a shiny white Vios, whose idiot owner is afraid of getting his pretty car dirtied by the grass patch - but is unaware that the whole front of his car can get sideswiped by another passing car or truck.

Taken at Blk 38 Dover Road on 6 May 2006 at about 11:00am

253. Contributed by Malcolm:

Here is a sporty Skyline who's 2Fast2Idiotic to park properly. Looks like the driver needs retraining in driving skills.

Taken at Orchard Parade Hotel on 6 May 2006 at about 11:30am.

252. Contributed by james CS:

This kind of idiotic parking, even if we wanted to close one eye, it's difficult. This is so blatantly idiotic - how can anyone park like this and just leave without a guilty conscience? And there is absolutely no reason to park like this in this situation.

Taken at Suntec City Basement 2. Submitted on 18 May 2006

Friday, May 19, 2006

251. Contributed by TPYguy:

This idiot Honda City driver is really careless and inconsiderate; just drove into the carpark lot head first, and left without any concern that his car was out of the lot, slanted into the next lot, causing an obstruction to other drivers, and making it inconvenient to the driver of the van on the right to enter his vehicle.

Taken at Blk 13 Toa Payoh. Submitted on 6 May 2006

250. Contributed by Des:

This is a super Idiot of Sotong Class deMerit Award. Look at how this idiot has parked - when there are so many available car park lots - he really has a thing about bikers.

Taken at Joo Chiat Complex on 9 April 2006 at about 10:00am

249. Contributed by Kenneth:

Two idiots in one. Both seem to have a fetish for bikers, as they both park in bike lots, effectively blocking any further excess or exit for motorcycles. Maybe some biker gang should show them some "affection".

Taken at Blk 501C Jurong West St 51. Submitted on 5 May 2006

Thursday, May 18, 2006

248. Contributed by DK:

Here's an idiot who's unable to park properly; probably can't drive either... This photo was taken at the Registrar of Marriages; maybe the guy was tying the knot then. The girl should reconsider marrying a nut like this... if he can't even park, what "else" may he be lousy at?? Ha! ha!

Taken at ROM carpark on 5 May 2006.

247. Contributed by Ron:

This is an Idiot of Sotong Class - look at how much space he has to parallel park, you can park a bus nicely within the lot, yet this moron still parks out! Unfortunately, by parking like the moron he is, he has blocked the car in front from exiting (as there was a wall in front of that car). It was with great difficulty that the driver in front finally managed to get out.

Taken at HDB Hub. Submitted on 18 May 2006

246. Contributed by Lionel:

Here's an idiot who parked out of lot and left the car to block others. He is, however, only partially to blame as the motorcycle in front of the MPV is also another idiot for parking in a no parking area and making it tougher for the MPV to park properly (though the MPV could have chosen another lot instead of parking like this). Both these idiots need to attend retraining at the nearest driving school.

Taken at Pacific Plaza on 27 April 2006.

245. Contributed by nismo:

Yet another idiot parking at the same spot. Blocking emergency exits seem to be an epidemic at this MRT station. Perhaps the authorities should take a stroll there, and tow some vehicles away.

Taken at Boon Keng MRT Station. Submitted on 18 May 2006.

244. Contributed by nismo:

At first glance it looks like the same car in both photos. Actually, they are two different idiots, both driving flashy yellow coupes, parking at the same No Parking spot at different times. Normally, should not draw a second glance - but, in this instance, the No Parking spot is actually the emergency exit for an MRT Station. These idiots have no consideration for others by blocking the emergency exit.

Taken at Boon Keng MRT Station. Submitted on 5 May 2006.

243. Contributed by SNF:

Here's a dangerous idiot. Leaving his Honda onto the street and creating an obstruction and a road hazard for other cars. This idiot, very obviously, does not know how to parallel park, even though there's an empty lot in front making it even easier to park. Best advice: if you can't park, don't drive!

Taken at Simpang Bedok on 3 May 2006.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

242. Contributed by Eileen:

Here's another MPV trying to prevent motorcyclists from their rightful lots. Idiot! You can park, but you cannot hide! Our eagle-eyed eye in the sky photographer got this great shot!

Taken at Blk 144 Bedok Reservoir Road on 2 may 2006 at about 8:00am

241. Contributed by Mike:

This idiot van driver is hopeless at parking - no care at all that his van is not parked properly. And usually these open parking lots fill up pretty much - thus, there's going to be someone else who'll be deprived of a lot due to this idiot's inconsiderate behaviour.

Taken at Blk 255 Yishun Ring Road. Submitted on 4 May 2006

240. Contributed by Mike:

Another handicap lot idiot parker. This guy does it everyday - even though there are many other regular empty lots nearby. He does it because it so convenient for himself, but refuses to realise the inconvenience if a real disabled person needed to park there.

Taken at Blk 262 Yishun Street 22. Submitted on 4 May 2006

239. Contributed by FS:

Idiotic parking is not limited to cars - here's an idiot biker in action. No consideration for a fellow biker.

Taken at Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 MSCP. Submitted on 4 May 2006

238. Contributed by FS:

Here's an idiot who cannot keep to his own lot, and wants to squeeze in with the next car. No parking skills or visually challenged? Still an idiot!

Taken at Suntec City on 2 May 2006 at about 3:00pm.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

237. Contributed by joe pele:

Here is an idiot who insists on parking at a no parking zone persistently, and thereby blocking biker lots. After a few days of this, a complaint was made, and probably the idiot is now a few dollars poorer but wiser.

Taken at Blk 135 Lorong Ah Soo on 2 May 2006

236. Contributed by Claf:

Here is a minibus driver that wants to park in a MSCP but does not want to follow the parking rules. Well, if you do the crime, be prepared to pay the time. This idiot was given a summon by the carpark attendent the very next day, when he repeated the offence.

Taken at Blk 629A MSCP Senja Road at Bt Panjang on 11 April 2006 at about 1:00am

235. Contributed by S:

Another idiot on handicap lot - this time a Subaru WRX wannabe (when is a Rex not a Rex?). This lazy idiot should taken the trouble to park in a proper lot, rather than risk the ridicule of others by parking in a disable lot.

Taken at Pasir Ris West Plaza on 3 May 2006 at about 7:30pm

234. Contributed by antchun:

Here's an example of how an idiot parking out of lot affects another car - you can see the blue car has a difficulty in opening his door, due the the way the black Honda Jazz is parked. This is why we despise these parking idiots - who, even though when they have more than enough space to park properly, chooses to be foolish by parking out of lot.

Taken at Jurong Point Shopping Centre basement carpark. Submitted on 3 May 2006

233. Contributed by IanInOzzie:

We have fans overseas as well!! This is from a Singaporean bloke down under - who's doing his studies in Victoria.

Here's a picture of an Aussie parking idiot who's probably guzzled too much VB that he's parking all over the place, except in his own parking lot!

Taken at the Hungry Jacks in Belmont, Victoria, Australia on 12 April 2006.

232. Contributed by Geraldine:

Here is another disabled lot pirate. This idiot thinks his roti prata is more important than the disableds' needs. Prata for brains, more likely.

Taken at Jalan Kayu carpark, beside the prata shop, on 2 May 2006 at about 10:20pm

231. Contributed by Lawry:

Here is a interesting scene. The idiot driver of this pickup had parked properly in a lot, but had failed to engage the handbrake!! Thus, the pickup had rolled forward - nearly running over the guy in the blue t-shirt! Luckily for him, someone had shouted a warning and saved him from some injury. The passers by waited nearly 15 mins for the driver to show up - who turned out to be a PCK type contractor boss who had been doing a site visit.

Taken at Technopark@Chai Chee on 2 May 2006 at about 1:30pm.

Monday, May 15, 2006

230. Contributed by LLC:

Here is an idiot in a sports car who is oblivious to safety. Wonder how he wrangled his way to getting a driving licence. He deserves his car to be towed away for his idiotic action - parking at a bend, on a zigzag line, causing an obstruction to other road users, as well as being a road hazard.

Taken at Jurong East, beside the CPF building, near the MRT station. Submitted on 2 may 2006

229. Contributed by John:

This is an Idiot in a black Sunny, who not only parked in a disabled lot, he also was a road bully - in that he tailgated another driver all the way up to the 8th floor of a shopping mall MSCP, even when the other driver tried to give way and let this jerk pass. This kind of hooligan should be wheel clamped... permanently.

Taken at Plaza Singapura on 29 April 2006 at about 7:00pm

228. Contributed by Glove:

Yet another photo to warm your heart. This idiot in a Fiat van thought that he owned the carpark. Instead, he was pwned by the contributor, who did his civic duty and informed security - which promptly clamped the offender. Ha! Let's see how this idiot got out of this one!

Hope this is a good example to the rest of us to let the authorities know if we see such illegal and idiotic parking. We are merely teaching these idiots to turn over a new leaf and be considerate; otherwise they would just continue being idiotic.

Taken at SAFRA Mount Faber on 1 May 2006 at about 2:00pm

Sunday, May 14, 2006

227. Contributed by Blue Salsa:

Here's a rich mental case - he's been parking at this disabled lot several nights in a row. Must be trying to find the way to IMH. Looks like he's lost. Perhaps a trail of traffic summonses can guide him on his way.

Taken at a condo carpark at Tanjong Rhu on 1 May 2006 at about 11:45pm

226. Contributed by Travis:

Granted, this truck is big - but if you look at the picture, there is still enough space to park it properly into the lot. But the moron driving this truck obviously was inconsiderate to other drivers' needs and proceeded to park well into another lot, and effectively took up 2 parking lots. Jerk! Drives a "Tips" truck - definately need Tips in parking!

Taken at Tampines Swimming Complex on 1 may 2006.

225. Contributed by Alvin:

Ha! Finally! An idiot who really got what's coming to him! To everyone who's been pissed off by these inconsiderate parking idiots - take heart! Here is an example of the law taking it's course - retribution!

Taken at Plaza Singapura on 21 June 2005.

224. Contributed by Terence:

Here is another SUV. This time an idiot in Toyota RAV 4, who is clearly drunk, blind, or stupid.... or maybe all three. How the heck did he get out of the car in the first place, after parking like that? Didn't he think of correcting the parking after realising it was difficult to get out? What a moron!

Taken at Raffles City. Submitted on 1 May 2006

223. Contributed by Tom:

Our contributor has done well to go to some effort to capture this Super Idiot's foolish action of just leaving his car in the middle of the road to be an inconvenience, obstruction and road hazard to everyone else. This Sotong Class Idiot could have just parked in the MSCP (and it was free parking on Labour Day) - but he chose to be called a moron by risking a fine and the wrath of all by committing this stupidity.

Taken at Punggol Central on 1 May 2006 at about 11:00am.

222. Contributed by James:

Here is another metally challenged idiot driving a Toyota Altis. Seems he is a regular idiot by continually parking on this spot often. Needs a lesson in manners to park in a regular lot, by getting a $400 finr, methinks.

Taken at Blk 107 Aljunied Crescent on 30 April 2006 at about 6:00pm

Saturday, May 13, 2006

221. Contributed by Kraft:

This is another inconsiderate idiot. Just so he can park close to his house, he goes and blocks up a pedestrian pavement, at a junction, inconveniencing everybody else but himself. I am not sure how many traffic rules he is breaking already: illegal parking, parking on pedestrian walkway, obstructing the view of traffic at a junction, parking too near a junction, etc.

This idiot had already been advised by the residents not to park there, but instead of heeding their advice, he goes and challenges them to call the TP, behaving like a hooligan.

I advise the contributor to call the traffic police, a few parking tickets would soon discourage this idiot from continuing his selfish behaviour.

Taken at Westwood Ave. Submitted on 30 April 2006.

220. Contributed by Mabel:

Words cannot describe the stupidity of this MPV driver. Parking halfway out of his lot onto the driveway. This Honda looks like a one-car roadblock; perhaps this idiot has delusions of being a traffic cop. Looks like the traffic cops should definately put a road block on him!

Taken at Blk 185 Riverdale Drive MSCP on 30 April 2006 at about 6:45pm

219. Contributed by yinghao:

Here's another SUV that is unable to park properly. Soooo many empty lots available, yet this idiot is unable to park correctly. Perhaps, he should consider a ... smaller vehicle... like a bicycle?

Taken at Blk 323 Hougang Ave 5 on 28 April 2006 at about 5:20pm