Friday, May 05, 2006

192. Contributed by U-Park-Crooked-I-Shoot:

This Toyota Camry is being deliberately idiotic. Perhaps he wanted badly to get featured on this blog - ok, so we'll oblige. This idiot has parked like this at this same spot for a continuous few days, from 22 April to 24 April - and actually driving out of the lot for errands, and coming back in and AGAIN parking like an idiot at the same spot. What a nutcase! A contender for a Sotong Class Idiot award. Must be one of those who learned parking from the previous Idiot Instructor.

Taken at Bukit Batok St 21 on 22 April 2006


park you said...

hmmm ... in one day, you-park-crooked-i-shoot shot three cars at the same location. Looks like all these people had the same driving instructor.

zhuoluan said...

haha mayb..

www8scorescom said...

I think the driver was using the background building as a guide like the previous instructor...just look at the background...hmmm