Thursday, May 04, 2006

187. Contributed by saikc:

This car is driven by an idiot female driver, who thinks it's absolutely chic to park at a place without a lot, blocking the driveway to the drop-off point (as shown by the arrow), just so that she can get quickest to the lobby (beside the bicycles), instead of having to walk a few more metres from a proper parking lot. Seems that she's been doing this idiotic act quite frequently.

The contributor should inform the condo management to clamp the car. Remember to place a Parking Idiot label so she knows that she's been caught.

Taken at The Madeira condo, near Bt Gombak MRT. Submitted on 25 April 2006


zhuoluan said...

this is CFM a SELFISH act! its a total disgrace 2 all female drivers.. its like e black sheep amg e whites haha something liddat la..if u no wat i mean..

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Anonymous said...

i live there. how can people park there?! unless she's so blind that she doesn't know that its a drive thru?