Thursday, May 04, 2006

186. Contributed by Tyrian:

This idiot thinks his SUV is a part-time ambulance by parking in a "Reserved for Ambulance" lot. These kind of jerks not only deserve a fine, but deserve for their cars to be towed away for inconveniencing emergency vehicles. It's totally inexcusable for parking here, because just metres away there are empty regular lots available.

Taken at Woodlands 888 carpark on 25 April 2006.


zhuoluan said...

muz summom this guy 4 sure!! SELFSIH act!!

darkside said...

lol, think the photographer walk from 1st story up to catch those idiots. Think i'm going to do that too... *evil grin* mmuuuaaahahahaha

www8scorescom said...

9124...jiu yao er si...going to starve to need to park in ambulance slot...really an idiot