Thursday, May 04, 2006

184. Contributed by Tyrian:

The anti-magnetic wall from Photo 182 at work again. This time this Toyota Camry is repelled into parking part-way into the ambulance lot. Perhaps HDB should review the design of carparks and remove these anti-magnetic walls, because they seem to have a negative effect on idiot drivers.

If you look closely at the rear bumper of the Camry - looks like a neat vertical dent at the centre. Seems that this idiot is truly hopeless at parking - he's already dented the car by reversing into some wall or pole, so he's too chicken now to park near walls.

Taken at Woodlands 888 carpark on 25 April 2006.


zhuoluan said...

mayb e car or e driver is NEGATIVELY-CHAGRED ba ta's y repel so much fr e wall!-ve driver got -ve car all repell-ED!!

www8scorescom said...

Another Car slave!!!!