Thursday, May 04, 2006

185. Contributed by Tyrian:

This idiot from a Toyota Vios following the antics of the previous idiot Honda from Photos 174 and 183. IQ zero: unable to distinguish between regular lot and handicap lot. Perhaps our Honda idiot should complain to HDB that the Vios idiot is taking up his "reserved" handicap lot. I really urge the contributor to place Parking Idiot labels on these jerks' cars.

Taken at Woodlands 888 carpark on 25 April 2006.


zhuoluan said...

color blind or juz plain blind-ED!

www8scorescom said...

9142...jiu yao si le...going to die pity him ok???

Anonymous said...

I think the creator of this web site is someone works for gorvernment, this is 1 of the method gorvernment now use to earn civilian money i think. I saw all of his photo and some were being fine quite alot of money from parking.

People pls stop sending pics and stop gorvernment from squeezing out our money in this way! We already have alot of carpark summoners URA, HDB,TP... Dont send in any more pics! summoners will just visit this site and write down the vehicle number and send a summon! STOP THIS people! You won't want to be the next victims..