Saturday, September 30, 2006

488. YJ9924B

Contributed by MrsProdrive SKC:

SIA should call this idiot up for pilot training. He can drive heavy vehicles, so can train on 747s straightaway. He's already got the parking down pat, now he only needs to be trained to fly.

Taken at East Coast Park Carpark F2. Submitted on 18 September 2006.

487. SCZ6322J

Contributed by celtic:

Here's a Honda City that belongs in the Swamp. This idiot is not only parking on motorcycle lots, but also unable to park straight. The driver must have learned his skills from a drunkard.

Taken at Clementi St 11. Submitted on 18 September 2006

Friday, September 29, 2006

486. SFS3215G

Contributed by Leon:

Another Sunny Idiot - these morons give all Nissan Sunny drivers a bad rep for parking. Are you guys also going down the dark path of the "Beemers and Mercs Who Can't Park Properly to Save Their Lives Club" aka Idiots Anonymous??

Submitted on 18 September 2006.

485. SFK9617H

Contributed by kinjai:

Come on! Look at the size of this parking lot - even a bus could be parked properly here, but this absolute moron in a Nissan Sunny can't even get that right! Please, Sunny Idiot... give up your licence and take public transport.

Submitted on 18 September 2006.

484. SFG399S

Contributed by FBI Rocket:

Looks like the idiot driver of the silver beemer can't park even when given a positive demonstration by the black beemer. No hope trying to train him - best thing is to revoke the driving license, and just give him a toy beemer to play with.

Taken at Blk 190 Toa Payoh Central MSCP on 17 September 2006 at about 10:45am.

Inconsiderate Bikers

Contributed by TWK:

I know that the HDB void deck is a popular place to organise events - be they weddings, funerals, grassroots activities, etc. However, those participants should have some consideration for the other people around them, and the other users of the carpark. The pictures below show scenes of absolute inconsideration, and socially unacceptable behavior by these motorcyclists.

I would urge organisers of such activities to remind their guests and attendees to park considerately and be mindful of other people when they attend such functions.

483. GY6907E

Contributed by FemiReG:

This moron van driver parked inconsiderately blocking other vehicles, including the contributor's car - and even when the contributor horned continuously did not appear to move his van. Only some 40 minutes later did the young "Ahbeng" moron turn up with his girlfriend to finally move the van. And no apologies even, just blank stares at the infuriated contributor - the girlfriend even had the gall to glare at the contributor, when informed that the illegal parking would be reported.

Sigh! These are the kind of morons given driving licences in Singapore ... perhaps the Traffic Police should incorporate a courtesy module into the highway code.

Taken at Bedok Central on 12 May 2006 at about 12:00pm.

482. GU6415D

Contributed by WeeWee

This idiot van driver, an uncle class moron, had the audacity to glare at the contributor and walk off, when the contributor pointedly stared at the man for parking at the disabled parking space. Not only an idiot - a undeniably selfish idiot!

Taken at Blk 97 Bedok North St 4 carpark on 16 September 2006 at about 12:00pm.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

481. SDZ4994X

Contributed by T:

Now it's a Subaru - parked on motorcycle lots at Idiots Central .. I mean, Dawson Place. A gang of bikers should come and get really friendly with this idiot. Really "friendly".

Taken at Dawson Place on 17 September 2006 at about 3:00pm.

480. SQ8988H

Contributed by T:

Here's a fake Lexus. The idiot Harrier owner is a wannabe Lexus showoff by sticking the emblem in place of his original Toyota emblem. No class... just like his parking.

Taken at Dawson Place on 17 September 2006 at about 3:00pm.

479. ES9997E

Contributed by T:

Another idiot at Dawson Place who thinks his Honda is not a car but a bike. The authorities should remove 2 of his wheels as bikes are only supposed to have 2 wheels.

Taken at Dawson Place on 17 September 2006 at about 3:00pm.

478. SFS3883C

Contributed by T:

Dawson Place is fast becoming the hotspot for parking idiots - soon to take over Suntec City. Check out this idiot Beemer and the next 3 cars. Morons of a common feather flock together.

Taken at Dawson Place on 17 September 2006 at about 3:00pm.

477. SDE6168L

Contributed by tenchi_sensi:

Here's a rare Renault idiot parking out of his lot - and got "summoned" by our contributor - for inconveniencing the driver of the next lot! Note the flyer on the windscreen. Well, idiot - enjoy the photo of your car! Learn to park properly in future!

Taken at Blk 275 Tampines St 22. Submitted on 17 September 2006.

476. SGF5194B

Contributed by Shawn L:

Another photo that makes you go: hmmm......

What kind of ninny parks like this and not realise that his car may just be parked funny? And can just walk away like this? If this idiot thinks that this is normal parking, I shudder to think how he parks on other days!

Taken at the HDB Hub at Toa Payoh on 2 September 2006.

475. S4704CD

Contributed by Neighbour:

A diplomat not being very diplomatic by parking like an idiot. Whatever country you are from, this is not the way to park. Please submit yourself for a highway code retest - asap.

Taken at The Hillside condo. Submitted on 16 September 2006.

474. SGB2007A

Contributed by Ah Pui:

The Merc idiots are back in action, after feeling left out by the beemers, toyotas and nissans. And here is another monkey-brain parked in a lot big enough for his car, but not having the skill or the consideration to park within it.

Taken at Sheraton Tower on 12 September 2006 at about 1:45pm.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

473. SBB688G

Contributed by Civic Mind:

A Colt driver, who should be Bolted to the ground for parking like a Dolt, and left to Molt.

Taken at Maysprings condo. Submitted on 16 September 2006.

472. SH3927P

Contributed by zeissjunior:

Another wannabe motorcyclist. Perhaps this idiot should stop driving a cab, and start doing deliveries for Pizza Hut. Then he can park on motorcycle lots all he wants.

Taken at 55 Chai Chee Drive. Submitted on 16 September 2006.

471. SFT9728Z

Contributed by Ken:

This is another prime idiot. There ought to be a new class of driving instruction for these morons: Class 3i (Class 3 idiots). How can anyone in their right mind park like this?

Taken at Hougang Plaza. Submitted on 16 September 2006.

470. SDT276T

Contributed by Daphne:

This X-Trail driver was forced to be an idiot by the earlier Corolla. And, from the cars following them - looks like a whole line of idiots that night at Mohd Sultan... a case of the blind leading the blind. I wonder who was the first daft fellow who started the ball rolling.

Taken at Mohd Sultan Road on 15 Sep 2006 at about 9:00pm.

469. SDT5386B

Contributed by Daphne:

This Corolla driver should be checked for drink driving, because the way he has parked points strongly to someone who is pissed drunk or does not know how to drive, or both.

Taken at Mohd Sultan Road on 15 Sep 2006 at about 9:00pm.

Monday, September 25, 2006

468. JHR4686, JJR7762, FV6522J & FV5479H

Contributed by * _wasnt_.... SetH __ SyLvEsTeR[*]:

A gang of biker idiots. 2 Singapore bikes and 2 from across the causeway - united in a common cause - to park like idiots. There's no changing some - perhaps should make this morons undergo the riding theory test again - since they are already at a technical school.

Taken at Blk 80 Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Submitted on 16 Sep 2006.

467. SFZ1854M

Contributed by wildfaye:

What?! Another motorbike lot thief! What's it with these idiots? Do they think that just because it's Sunday, they can park for free anywhere? Then should just leave their cars in the middle of the road, instead of depriving some bikers of their rightful lots! Selfish moron!

Taken at carpark at junction of Changi Road and Lorong Mydin, on 11 Jun 2006.

466. SFG8250J

Contributed by Ecold:

This Wish seems to be a borderline idiot. But read the story first: This dumbass drove in against traffic, and head first into a lot, which another driver was already reversing into! If the other driver was not alert - a collision would have occured. The story could have ended amicably if this ninny had realised his error and went to find another lot - but, no!

He just got out of the car, and pretended to fiddle with his phone, until the other driver drove off to find another lot and avoid a scene, and then this scumbag just walked off. Prime selfish idiot! If he loves this carpark lot so much, someone should just clamp all his wheels and chain them to the wall.

Taken at IMM, on 15 Sep 2006 at about 11:45am.

Statistics Update!

Some of you have been requesting for an update of the statistics of Parking Idiots caught. Well, glad to oblige! These charts are created from statistics of 280 parking idiots from the 460 caught so far (the rest not charted yet, because I only started keeping stats from about the last 280! There is an intent to get the stats of the initial 200, but that shall be on a best effort basis!)

Well - there are 3 charts which may be of some interest to you: By Marque, Type and Offence. If there are any other stats you wish to see, please let me know.

I also notice quite a lot of interest and heat generated in the comments sections of several posts, most notably by a reader called Subutex. I have followed the exchanges with great interest, and it is is heartening to know many of you really care about the inconsiderate behaviour of various parking idiots. And there are also others who either condone the inconsiderate behaviour or ask for moderation in comments. Well - I'll leave it to the readers - it takes all kinds to make this world, and I for one, believe strongly in the freedom of speech - tempered by a sense of decorum (that's why I delete the profane and racial comments). Please feel free to insult the parking idiots, as long as you refrain from using obscenities. Anyone offended by insults, may insult back - or ignore them - the freedom to choose is all yours.

I would like to thank all the contributors for their great efforts and wonderful photographs sent to me for publishing - some from as far away as England, South America and Australia. I am sorry I cannot publish all - especially those non-Singaporean - as the primary aim of this blog is to shame the Singapore idiots. The others I do not publish include those that lay on the borderline - and can be forgiven for some careless parking. We are out to get those blantantly inconsiderate morons that park on 2 lots, causing obstruction and road hazards, cars parking on bike lots and vice versa, illegal parking on disabled parking spaces. I welcome any entries with such parking.

I have also received several suggestions to improve the site. One of them is to have a numbering system for the comments, and perhaps, a date-time stamp. I have searched blogger's help - but have not been able to figure out how to do that. If anyone has an idea on how to implement such a feature, please let me know - so that the next time you respond to a comment, you can easily refer to it.

I am also thinking of a way to allow readers to vote for the worst parking idiot of the week, month, etc. Perhaps the best way would be to implement a rating system for each photo - and each reader to be able to vote once. Again - I would be grateful if anyone had an idea on how to implement such a requirement. I am also thinking of making a contest out of this and giving prizes to those who guess the worst idiot - but this would require sponsors, and perhaps advertising to generate revenue.

If you would like to send me your ideas and suggestions, please email to I try to answer all email received - but you may have to wait a bit, as usually receive more email than I can cope with!!

465. SFY5992B

Contributed by emptycan69:

Big Merc with monkey brained driver, who does not know how to parallel park, nor has any civic consciousess to park closer to the kerb at the very narrow single lane outside Mustaffa Shopping Centre.

Taken at Mustaffa SC, on 9 Sep 2006 at about 12:20am.

464. SDL1914X

Contributed by SG Traffic Cop:

Here is an uneducated idiot - who does not know anything about parking. He's parked so far back into his lot, he's portruded into the lot behind - and forced the next driver to park out of his lot as well. Best thing for this kind of foolish drivers are to confisticate their licences and send them back to driving school.

Taken at Raffles City, on 15 Sep 2006 at about 8:20am.

463. SFK6679Z

Contributed by SAS:

This selfish idiot has parked on motorcycle lots, depriving the riders of their rightful lots. Super inconsiderate! This is the kind that would presumably turn out to be road bullies as well.

Submitted on 14 Sep 2006.

462. SFE4518A

Contributed by Mambo:

Yet another blurr monkey who does not understand that disabled parking spaces are for the vehicles with the disabled parking labels only. This idiot is obviously soft in the head as he conveniently parks here, when there are proper parking lots nearby.

Taken near Braddel MRT, at Toa Payoh on 13 Sep 2006 at about 1:00pm.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

461. SFK2566S

Contributed by zeus207c:

This idiot has been repeatedly parking his Hyundai like this, and giving other drivers lots of difficulty to park in the next lot. A very, very selfish idiotic driver, whose car should towed to the nearest scrap yard - where he can park anyway he wishes.

Taken at Blk 768 Woodlands on 9 Sep 2006.

460. SFT4774Y

Contributed by capirexx:

An MPV trying to squeeze itself into motorcycle lots. This idiot driver must have been drunk if he thought motorcycle lots were the same as carpark lots. Some one should test him for drunk driving and let him take a rest in the cooler.

Taken at Horne Road on 13 Sep 2006.

459. SFS5554P

Contributed by MM:

Here's a monkey-brain in action. This parking idiot has been parking like this for at least 2 months and occupying 2 lots - and forcing the next lot to remain empty. This is a prime selfish idiot. They should clamp the driver as well as the car.

Taken at Blk 70A Redhill Close. Submitted on 13 Sep 2006.

458. SDN8631E

Contributed by CPC:

Another Nissan on motorcycle lots - do Nissan drivers suffer from an inferiority complex that frightens them from parking on proper carpark lots? Do they need psychiatric help? Perhaps it's just as well this is a hospital.

Taken at Raffles Hospital, on 13 Sep 2006 at about 2:00pm.

457. SDV5968L

Contributed by Pure Devil:

Another unskilled parker trying to show the world he can drive, when he can't even park. Give up dude, and take the MRT - it's a lot easier for you than pretending to drive.

Taken at Singapore General Hospital Carpark 4 on 13 Sep 2006 at about 10:00am

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

456. SCP3686G

Contributed by CyberCam:

So this idiot thinks that he owns half the road. Instead of parking parallel - he parks his ass onto half the road. I think some prime mover should move half his car and deposit it on the other side of the road - so that the idiot can own both halves of the road.

Taken at Flower Road on 13 Sep 2006 at about 9:30am

455. SFX5614Z

Contributed by JT:

An idiot Mazda 3 driver who can't park. Better scale down to a Mazda 0 and walk!

Looks like there's another idiot behind him - from the photo, it seems that he's also parked matching the Mazda moron's idiocy. Idiots flocking together.

Taken at the International Plaza. Submitted on 13 Sep 2006

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

454. FW7872L

Contributed by ollie:

Here's another inconsiderate biker - taking up a car lot with his tiny bike, depriving a rightful car driver from parking there. Bikes pay less or even do not have to pay to enter a shopping mall's carpark - but this idiot takes advantage of that and acts like a jerk, to boot.

Taken at the Forum Shopping Centre. Submitted on 13 Sep 2006

453. SFM2390X

Contributed by joe:

This MPV driver is not only an idiot - but also an inconsiderate ingrate as well, taking up two lots unnecessarily. Looks like the silver car next to it is also parked idiotically!

Taken at Serangoon Nth Ave 5. Submitted on 12 Sep 2006.

452. SBY305R

Contributed by KC:

Another pilot wannabe in a Toyota - dude, if you want to be a pilot, first buy an expensive car - and then learn to fly. Till then, stop driving, 'cos you are hopeless at it - and just walk.

Taken at Tampines Plaza. Submitted on 12 Sep 2006.

451. SDZ4904G

Contributed by ts:

The idiot driver of this Vios has been very inconsiderate - besides parking illegally on double yellow lines, he has cause a huge obstruction by blocking the road to a condo, not to mention being a road hazard! This case does not require just a fine - but a tow to the nearest impound!

And to mention in passing, the Merc (ER3113J) in front of the Vios, is also parked illegally (though he was not blocking the road - thus not a prime subject of this blog).

Taken at Geylang Lor 33 on 6 Sep 2006 at about 7:15pm.

450. SBZ9838E

Contributed by Andy:

Here's a nice overpriced Japanese car parked on 2 lots - in Geylang. Hey, what's a nice car like you doing in a place like this??!! And where's the idiot driving it? Doesn't he know how to parallel park?

Taken at Geylang Lor 39 on 12 Sep 2006 at about 4:40pm.

449. This post has been removed

This entry has been removed - as new information indicates the vehicle was there on official business and was not being an idiot.

My advice to the contributors - please assess the situation before taking photos as we should not cause embarrasment to drivers with valid reasons.

448. FZ4812P

Contributed by TKS:

This idiot parks as if was driving a car - but it's a bike. Wonder if the moron realises the difference between cars and bikes. The extra 2 wheels on a car is a dead giveaway.

Taken at NTU Carpark F on 12 Sep 2006.

Monday, September 18, 2006

447. FZ570M

Contributed by CC:

Not only are beemer car drivers parking like idiots - now the BMW bikers want to get into the act as well. Here's a moron thinking just because his bike is from BMW, he can park like a BMW car - what a dolt!

On a side note, the silver car on the right is also a borderline idiot, parking so close to the edge of his lot.

Submitted on 12 Sep 2006.

446. SFY4799A

Contributed by parchiao:

Ah, Suntec City - home of parking idiots. This idiot Wish driver will be soon wishing that he had not parked that way and got his photo on the web. How difficult is it to park properly on a single lot? And this moron parked this way at the peak hours at Suntec, when it is so difficult to find a parking spot - ought to be clamped! The car on the left was forced to park away - fortunately, he's no idiot as there was no other lot on the other side.

Taken at Suntec City on 7 Sep 2006 at about 2:00pm.

445. SFD2625S

Contributed by KS:

This must be an epidemic. Not long after the idiot Vios, here's another moron following in the tyre threads at the same place. Caught by another contributor - this Matrix idiot also is unable to park correctly. Is there a correlation between eating fast food and parking idiotically? Do the fats and cholestrol in the food replace what little grey matter there exists in these idiots brains?

Taken at Kallang MacDonald's Carpark on 11 Sep 2006.

444. SGK5251T

Contributed by junkie2807:

This Vios driver is an absolutely idiot and a lousy driver. Brand new car - SGK series, so the idiot, who obviously has no skill whatsoever in parking, just leaves his car half out of the parking lot. I wonder what's his excuse: "Duh... urgent. I just had to eat a Big Mac..."

Taken at Kallang MacDonald's Carpark on 11 Sep 2006 at about 5:40pm

443. SFG5150J

Contributed by ryan:

Here's a Chevvy who's idiot driver thinks that the white lines on parking lots are a guide for him to use to centre his car. Even so, he has still failed to centre the car. Even if you gave him a bus bay to park in, he'd probably fail even that. This kind of moron might as well just confisticate his car - he's doomed to failure.

Taken at Blk 806 Woodlands. Submitted on 11 Sep 2006.

442. FY3046X

Contributed by Daryl:

What a coincidence - another Harley Davidson. Looks like the Harleys are out in force to be number 1 in biking idiots as well. Sad... very sad.. I thought Harley riders in Singapore were a better educated lot than the biker gangs elsewhere.

Taken at Jurong East Entertainment Centre. Submitted on 11 Sep 2006.