Tuesday, September 12, 2006

406. Contributed by Crimebuster:

This is a classic Merc driven by a classic idiot - such a brightly lit carpark that my granny could park properly with one eye closed, but not this moron in a Merc. Should sell his car and buy a Kanchil if he cannot park this car.

EJ8188C. Taken at Great World City on 6 Sep 2006 at about 7:40pm.


parking warden said...

Vehicle No.: EJ8188C
Vehicle Type: P10 - Passenger Motor Car
Vehicle Attachment 1: No Attachment
Vehicle Scheme: Normal
Vehicle Model: 280S
Chassis No.: B10702222010013
Engine No.: 11098022011512
Engine Capacity: 2746 cc
Year Of Manufacture: 1981
Original Registration Date: 14 May 1981
Road Tax Expiry Date: 13 Oct 2006
Inspection Due Date: 13 Oct 2007

Anonymous said...

driver have 2-left eye and slanted on top.

FC2222B said...

i guess the car is too old and doesn't have power steering.. and he can't turn in the small radius of the carpark.. hehehe

Miss Demeanour said...

Last sunday....starter prize 8818

pro park said...

My granny can park this old piece of junk with her two eyes closed!

Anonymous said...

cannot 'PARK' toy car also same...

SUBUTEX said...

To: pro park said...
My granny can park this old piece of junk with her two eyes closed!1:06 AM

Wah, ur granny is good lah. can park with 2 eyes close. is she blind or what and use "Star Wars" force that's with her????

Anyway, what is ur grand father good at besides what he does to the granny???

pro park said...

Sure she can park, how it gets into the lot I shall not say but at least it gets into the lot!

My grand father? Picking up the mess after my grandma parks!

Anonymous said...

Hey pro park, u are real cool! This subutex ah, he is actually pro this site but sometimes he targets the wrong ppl and he talks nonsense. He is relatively new to this site, and he's not too sure about who's anti and who's pro. A classic case of... shooting the mouth!

SUBUTEX said...

just have some fun okay?
sometime tarok the PI in photo, sometime tarok a bit (but not too much) on those who tarok others.
but as a whole its for fun, but ifi it appears to be sensitive, then I wont talk so much from now on.