Sunday, September 10, 2006

Contributed by RugRat:

This is not a usual Parking Idiot photo. This photo was taken to highlight the consequences of inconsiderate behaviour.

The actual disabled parking space was filled with discarded furniture by a bunch of real idiots. Therefore the actual disabled driver in the Honda CRV was unable to park at his designated lot, and was forced to park on a normal lot - where there was no space to manouevre his wheelchair.

I hope everyone takes this as a learning lesson to be mindful about courtesy and consideration.

Taken at East Coast Park, at Lagoon Food Centre on 4 Sep 2006.


Anonymous said...

Maybe u can add another phone nos 18002255432 for people parking in handicapped lots

Anonymous said...

I do hope besides posting this pic, you guys have already informed the authorities.

Anonymous said...

The Officer-in-charge must have enjoy his 'meal' at the food centre thus 'ignoring' the plight of the disable.
- jj

SUBUTEX said...

where those furniture come from? maybe those illegal tent stayer's one.

or the N Parks just raided the area and place the furniture there. pity this handicapped guy.

Anonymous said...

someone moving house?

Anonymous said...

actually the label saw on the vehicle is not the one been issued by the authorities, thus unable to justify that the vehicle is driven by diabled personnel. you should take from the front with the valid one.