Monday, September 18, 2006

439. FY9032X

Contributed by emporer:

Idiot bikers again - this our first Harley Davidson - the more famous the bike, the bigger the moron. With so many dedicated bike lots available, this idiot chooses to deprive a car driver from his own lot. Inconsiderate fool - should walk instead of riding a bike!

Taken at Great World City on 2 Aug 2006.


parking warden said...

Vehicle No.: FY9032X
Vehicle Type: P00 - Passenger Motorcycle/Autocycle/Moped
Vehicle Attachment 1: No Attachment
Vehicle Scheme: Normal
Vehicle Model: XL883L
Chassis No.: 5HD4CMM165K428077
Engine No.: CMM5428077
Engine Capacity: 883 cc
Year Of Manufacture: 2004
Original Registration Date: 07 Feb 2005
Road Tax Expiry Date: 06 Feb 2007
Inspection Due Date: 06 Feb 2008

SUBUTEX said...

perhaps Harley Club may need tp start some proper parking class.

Davidson said...

Harleys very expensive. Riders think they deserve to park in car lots.

Anonymous said...

same as mercedes and BMW... their cars very expensive - so can anyhow park. same as toyota and honda, their cars more expensive than harley davidson bikes, so can anyhow park...

Anonymous said...

Harley so expensive... you people jealous???

TONY said...

occupied carpark lot still act like BULLY.

fix anothor 2 wheels than you qualify to park at carpark lot.

Anonymous said...

Actually.. this bike is parked on a motorcycle lot.
If u see the pic carefully, the car lot is painted over the motorcycle lots.

Anonymous said...

It WAS a motorcycle lot. Bishan was a cemetary; do anyone bury dead people there now. Keyword: WAS