Sunday, September 24, 2006

461. SFK2566S

Contributed by zeus207c:

This idiot has been repeatedly parking his Hyundai like this, and giving other drivers lots of difficulty to park in the next lot. A very, very selfish idiotic driver, whose car should towed to the nearest scrap yard - where he can park anyway he wishes.

Taken at Blk 768 Woodlands on 9 Sep 2006.


Anonymous said...

if mentioned that driver has been repeatedly be a PI, could the contributor take another 1 or 2 more photos and leave the PI note on the wiper.
Surely the owner-driver will feel guilty and learn.

rationalneurotic said...

next time try parking in front of his car. it's 2 lots anyways. )(*&^%$# idiots who don't try.

Anonymous said...

PArk so close to him so he cannot open driver side door!

Anonymous said...

Send the picture to HDB car park division, lah, and let them fine him.

Anonymous said...

This is Woodlands Mart. It consists of shops, eateries, clinics, etc. The monthly parking fee is higher than the normal HDB car-parks. Is that why he/she thinks that he/she can use 2 lots?

SUBUTEX said...

how much is the fee for this lot?
I've not heard of HDB varying theor parking monthly fees. if those lot who is not so pack should be liwer rates. are you sure this rate is different?

anyway, if higher rate is no excuse to park, like this either. hopefully a one-off for this driver, unless he / she do it many times.

Anonymous said...

Yes subutex, I am sure the rates are different. This is cash card parking. $1.20 for the 1st hour. So, for season parking the rates are higher. Later I will go n check how much it is, then I will let u know ok? At the same time, I will also snoop around and find out whose car it is. Must be one of the shops owner. Like I said, this place is a mini shopping center for the near-by residents.

parking warden said...

Vehicle No.: SFK2566S
Vehicle Type: P10 - Passenger Motor Car
Vehicle Attachment 1: No Attachment
Vehicle Scheme: Normal
Vehicle Make: HYUNDAI
Vehicle Model: GETZ1.6 3DRM
Chassis No.: KMHBU31BR4U078182
Engine No.: G4ED4851346
Engine Capacity: 1599 cc
Year Of Manufacture: 2004
Original Registration Date: 23 Jun 2004
Road Tax Expiry Date: 22 Dec 2006
Inspection Due Date: 22 Jun 2007

TONY said...

small brain taking BIG space...

TONY said...

at woodlands ?

SFK2566S should be at woodbridge instead - need check in ?

Anonymous said...

No need to check in at woodbridge, just call woodbridge (IMH). they will get some one to check him/her out.

Anonymous said...

No need to check in at woodbridge, just call woodbridge (IMH). they will get some one to check him/her out.

pro park said...

Leave a mark or reminder he'll never forget.

Anonymous said...

PARKING IDIOT! U're just too much...U also drive a HYUNDAI GETZ1.6 right>? I'm one of your close friends here...I'm sure u know who I am.....STOP THIS PARKING IDIOT WEBSITE! One day I'll post ur personal details on this website for everyone else to see....Including ur home address, HP no. and Home Tel. No and most importantly ur CAR NO. PLATE....So that anyone that is unhappy with u would be able to harrass u in time to come! GOD BLESS!

SUBUTEX said...

To: Anonymous said... PARKING IDIOT! U're just too much..ur CAR NO. PLATE....So that anyone that is unhappy with u would be able to harrass u..GOD BLESS! 1/10/06 12:40 AM

I would rather turn the tide of "God Bless" to you instead, firstly, posting other people's personal details with intention to cause harm, harassment or undue stress to the person, is an offence.

Secondly,if u r his friend, why would a friend want to do that to another? i suggest the PI blog Administrator should just dump u and regret being ur friend.
if some of us may have parked idiotically before, we realised the consequences of inconvenience and turn to be good parkers now. This site may torment bad parkers so that they will change.but u have somehow not change yet.

This PI photo SFK2566S was mentiond to be reclacitrant parking idiot. If its yreally ou, then just WAKE-UP and stop barking, worse than a sick dog.

alan said...

to 2566,

come on man, u r in the wrong. face it. i'm also a hyundai driver, just double check the next time u park your car n i'm sure your pics will not be in tis blog


Anonymous said...

'SFK2566S' is an elderly chinese educated man who owns a shop at this place...Woodlands.

He doesnt even know that his car is featured here. I work there in one of the shops.

This moron, (1/10/06 12:40 AM) is not the owner of the said car. He's got nowhere to go so he picks any page and just come in and bark.

Getz has blind spots said...

Walau eh. Getz is so short and small also can't park properly. Simply bochap ah.