Sunday, September 10, 2006

396. Contributed by Annoy:

Here's a constant and incorrigible idiot. This moronic Mazda owner had been parking illegally without displaying parking coupons or season parking at this carpark for months (until he received a summon a few months back, before he finally got season parking). He had been constantly parking at this disability parking space. He even had had a flower pot thrown down on his car's roof once! Yet he continues to deprive the disabled from their rightful lot! What else can be done to teach him the error of his ways? I think perhaps a complimentary tow-away service would be in order!

SFN551G. Taken at Blk 824 Jurong West St 81. Submitted on 5 Sep 2006.


Jia Rui said...

I agree that he is an absolute stupid person! People who need that parking lot will then not be able to park there!He is not a handicapped so why should he park at that lot?There are other lots for him to choose,right?

Anonymous said...

Vehicle No.: SFN551G
Vehicle Type: P11 - Passenger Station Wagon/Jeep/Land Rover
Vehicle Attachment 1: No Attachment
Vehicle Scheme: Normal
Vehicle Make: MAZDA
Vehicle Model: AXELA 1.5 A
Chassis No.: BK5P111501
Engine No.: ZY260357
Engine Capacity: 1498 cc
Year Of Manufacture: 2004
Original Registration Date: 07 Oct 2004
Road Tax Expiry Date: 06 Oct 2006
Inspection Due Date: 06 Oct 2007
Intended Transfer Date: 20 Sep 2006

Anonymous said...

I recommend u call the parking hotline for assistance everytime u saw the car in this lot. hee..hee..

Anonymous said...

owner now warm the place

Anonymous said...

hmn.. flower pot thrown once... why not make it another time to his/her record?

SUBUTEX said...

Later kena caught for "Killer Litter" how? can go to jail.

anyway if must throw a flower pot, make sure there is no flower inside, so it will be difficult to see from far.
you must also place some people's shit or urine (best is your own as you cannot be waiting for others to letgo what).
the moron driver will certainly learn their lesson as its very SUEY to kena shit on car.
now don't tell others this trick .

Anonymous said...

Is that where he stay? Maybe I'll drop by later in the nite and leave a permanant mark on his car!
SFN551G prepare for a new look!

pro park said...

Damn mazda driver really needs to learn a lesson real good! Go for it! Send my regards to him too!

SUBUTEX said...

i wished the whole block can send their regards too this car. including the mama shop on ground level.....

Anonymous said...

wonder how long can this blog last without closed down by relevant authorities. Wonder that fellow who keeps posting other particular will be tracked and question on how he get these particular. if you are one of the staff that able you to access the database. You will be in trouble to abuse your access, if someone really go and damage the car posted in any of this blog, you will get it for instigate other and provide infomation and the web master will also get it.

Anonymous said...

just need one fine day that someone posted a big shot car, and you blog it.

To the blog master, your profile suck. Why don't you provide more detail about yourself.

Anonymous said...



SUBUTEX said...

Hei SFY 4998S or SCP 3686,
okay i dont own 3 cars, but i also dont own arrogance like u, scumb.

Now i will be going to let go some SHITs and always remind me of YOU when i use the TOILET paper. its hard to forget. do u still get many Singaporeans who will use ur toilet paper now or more??

Anonymous said...

Why in the world would u want this blog to be closed down. Did ur car appear here? Which one?

Shame on u!

Instead of wondering, let me help that brainless head of urs....the particulars of the vehicle is public domain. Bet u didnt know that rite? See? instead of shooting ur mouth, u should do something worthwhile.

And if u dont believe me, being an idiot that u are, check out the one motoring website and discover a whole new world!!!!

SUBUTEX said...

hi to writer at 2/10/06 11:24 AM

you should charge him for the One -Motoring web site advise u gave.
but if he's so blur, no one can help him.

To: YOU HAM KA CHAN 1/10/06 10:41 AM
If by saying "i dont own a car" makes u happy, then i just say "i dont own a car". i just like to YOU "HAPPY", so are u happy now?