Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Welcome Back to Parking Idiots in Singapore Blog!

It's been sometime... but Parking Idiots in Singapore blogsite is back online!

The posts are coming in again - and all of you good drivers are most welcome to submit any new captures of idiot parkers. I had thought that drivers would have learned by now... but 'fraid not. These idiots are still out there, and begging to be posted online.

There are now several websites posting pictures of these idiots, and hopefully teaching them some good values through the shame. The famous citizen's blog Stomp is one of the more successful ones out there.
I hope through all these websites we can surely drum some sense into these knuckle-brained morons to take some care whilst parking. Be considerate, and the world smiles with you. Be an idiot - and get your photo on the Internet!

I've repaired the links to the Parking Idiot Labels on the right sidebar. You can again download your favorite ones and place them on the idiots's cars and send the photo to us by email, and we'll take care of the rest.

Now that we are back in business again, we're thinking of several improvements to the site - and this includes some contests and giveaways for the best submissions, and various other interesting stuff. More to follow in the coming days. Keep a watch for new posts, and new photos of parking idiots to be posted here.

Just a bit of warning to all you contributors. I know we all get angry or frustrated at these parking idiots - but, please DO NOT vandalise or cause any damage to the offenders' cars or property. Parking Idiots in Singapore blog does not condone or encourage acts of mischief or vandalism. Just place the label on the car (do not stick using glue or other adhesives), take a photo or photos with the car plate clearly seen, and with the inconsiderate parking act clearly understood, and submit the photo. That's all!

Please keep your photos coming in!

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