Tuesday, November 02, 2010

503. SJE 6921 H

Contributed by RG:

Well, well. 2 idiots in the same MSCP. Looks like parking idiots are breeding. One would think a driver of a manual car would have more dexterity than someone who only drives automatics, but no... not this moron, who has worse parking skills than the idiot driving the Honda Accord from the previous post. What does it take for people to park properly into their own lot? Looks like the fool driving this Sunny has yet to find out.

Taken at Blk 163A Gangsa Road MSCP on 2 Nov 2010.


Anonymous said...

Sometime the fault could have started by another car next to the Nissan. Actually this is not quite bad. There are plenty that are worse!

Parking Idiot said...

If there are worse...please submit the photos - we want to shame all bad parking idiots!

SabrinaGreen said...

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Brooke Higgins said...

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