Thursday, October 12, 2006

495. SFF6396R

Contributed by apisto:

Here's another selfish boor - parked at a disability parking space without a label. These jerks ought to be sent to a finishing school to learn some manners. It just points to poor upbringing.

Taken at Vista Point in Woodlands on 16 September 2006 at about 1:45pm.


parking warden said...

Vehicle No.: SFF6396R
Vehicle Type: P10 - Passenger Motor Car
Vehicle Attachment 1: No Attachment
Vehicle Scheme: Normal
Vehicle Make: NISSAN
Vehicle Model: SUNNY EX1.6A
Chassis No.: JN1CFAN16Z0079545
Engine No.: QG16316464
Engine Capacity: 1597 cc
Year Of Manufacture: 2003
Original Registration Date: 13 Feb 2004
Road Tax Expiry Date: 12 Feb 2007
Inspection Due Date: 12 Feb 2007

Anonymous said...

Saw the same idiot at the same lot again last weekend.

SUBUTEX said...

Hi To: Anonymous said...
Saw the same idiot at the same lot again last weekend. 12/10/06 1:45 PM
The next time u see the same idiot, please try to shoot a photo with the PI label, so driver will know how popular their car is on this web. This will also teach them a lesson on how not to park...

I hoped PI Admin will get into this web amd perhaps place side-by-side 2 photos on 2 different dates.

Idea of this blog is to advise PIs, so getting them to know their car's presence is one tool to get it in them.

Union said...

For all who hate this site, Lets Unite!

Anonymous said...

and let's call ourselves...Idiots United!

Corolla Altis Better said...

Enough of Sunny.

union said...

fuck you!!!

Anonymous said...

Union, I guess only people that are parking idiots will support your petition......

Anonymous said...

Those of u who think that ur union leader is going to help u close this blog...think again! He's immatured, proved it, by using vulgar language..

union said...
**** ***!!!
16/10/06 7:16 PM

I really dont think that u ppl want to allow such a person to lead u..He doesnt know the rules of the game n he may lead u all into nowhere......

Btw..for those of you who are against the signatures....Please DO NOT SIGN long as u sign it, regardless of whether u are against it...YOUR SIGNATURES COUNT. The petition may not bother us but...Dont give them the satisfaction of claiming the numbers.

union said...

I have to be a parking idiot! When I go to have gay sex, I must park like fool, or else i dun feel good.

I need gay sex so I park like idiot!

Anonymous said...

Union said...
For all who hate this site, Lets Unite!

15/10/06 5:05 PM

Yes, unite and PARK each other!!! YESSSSSS....

union said...

maybe you and my boyfriend can paralel park me. just sign my petition first.
sign my petition. sign my petition. sign my petition. but dun hit me again!!!(unless you want)

Anonymous said...

How to take u seriously when u bhave like dat. I dont think ppl know wat they r getting into. How do u expect to lead like that.


LoveAhLain said...

I like to have sex with ahlian. Sometimes with my ahbeng friends poke each other backside.

Anonymous said...

LoveAhLain...what has happened to u? You use to come in here and slam the lousy 'parkers' wif ur dialogues. Now u are behaving like them. Please lah..refrain from these kind of remarks. We need supporters like u.

SUBUTEX said...

Blog at 1259,
Hi "Union" and "Idiots United",
I’m confused as to how Parking selfishly (PI) and sex has any relations, not to mention gay sex.

I’m not surprised that Union called themselves "Idiots United", as that is what they are; it can also be called “United Idiots of Singapore”. I hoped it is contained here only and does not gain recognition elsewhere in other countries.

Now if you still don't want to be called Idiots, then learn to park properly. Its that simple.

LoveAhLain said...

some PI is using my nick...don't guys should know how the real Love AhLian writes.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I should have known...sorry LAL..for a moment there, i was worried.

Alec said...

How is that possible, in order for anyone to use a blogger name, they need to sign in with a password. Are they hackers??

LoveAhLain said...

i have a simple pass word..change it alr. Hackers? Who hack Care man...

Cheers to all!

4ever CB to PI!

LoveAhLain said...

Hackcare to all you gays in here too. Kaypo Kias. Nothing better to do.

CB to all of you 4Ever!

Anonymous said...

Ehh.. KNN to you la! CB kia.. bo lampa.

Anonymous said...

a fren of mine drives an evo. one day she parked in a disabled lot. someone on seein her evo called the police coz it didnt have a disabled sticker. my fren had a rude shock when she came back. She was on drip and wheelin an oxygen tank. She was eventually fined for not displaying a coupon. She was sick enough and didnt need any of these. Y dont you people just mind your own business. let the authorities handle it. If u like to citizen police so much, y dont u police the police. especially those who park illegally to buy prata n stop u 4 nt indicatin jus 2 boost their bloody ego.

Anonymous said...

She was sick not disabled! what's ur problem? This site is show-casing selfish and idiotic drivers. Hey, someone's got to do something. Who knows, maybe the authorities may decide on day, to look into this site. This is for a good cause. If u dont like wat u see, look away.

Anonymous said...

yes you are rite, she is sick not disabled. she is in her late 20s she has been suffering fm this illness for a long time and there is no cure for it. most of the time she needs to go round with an oxygen tank and she cant even sleep lying down or her lungs will be filled with blood. she cant even walk up a flight of stairs without taking a break halfway. i guess that doesnt qualify her as an invalid and her shortness in breath for walking short distances and the bulky oxygen tank that she has to carry around should not be an excuse for her to park in an invalid lot. cos you being so almighty uprite cannot see beyond an invalid sticker. and yes its the likes of you that judge her as an idiotic driver. you know you are so rite, my fren is such an idiot for fallin sick at the prime of her life and such an idiot for parkin in a disabled lot jus so that she can be trashed by the likes of you.

Anonymous said...

pertaining to the story about my friend, what im gettin across is that if you guys do not have the full story behind the cars for being parked in such a manner. dont publish it. the person may have a good reason to do so. simply put mind your own fuckin business. my fren do not need your empathy, jus your understand.

Anonymous said...

Almighty uprite?
If it is justified that she is allowed to park in a disabled lot, I dont see the problem. Did she get her doctor to apply the label for her? Or could it be she doesnt qualify? If thats the case, then parking in a disabled lot makes her a parking idiot! As for u, there is no need to resort to vulgarities. It makes u look small. If everybody asks for understanding, then I guess we dont need rules. U wouldnt conform anyway!

PS: empathy is the ACTION OF UNDERSTANDING. So, if she is not seeking empathy why is she seeking undertanding? I'm not clear on this one.

Anonymous said...

You're just a fucking idiot to call her a parking idiot. Well then you're a fucking idiot for not being understanding. Why should you even mind if I use vulgarities if you throw insults at her?
One things for sure, calling her an idiot is as good as calling her a retard.
The rule is here is if you can't even give way by being just a bit understanding, why should I even watch what I say to you, fucker.

Anonymous said...

dis one bluff one evo, cannot walk, cannot breathe...wat nonsense...dont have parking label because fake rubbish..better to just ignore...poor upbringing..cannot manners...retarded one lah!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
a fren of mine drives an evo. one day she parked in a disabled lot. someone on seein her evo called the police coz it didnt have a disabled sticker. my fren had a rude shock when she came back. She was on drip and wheelin an oxygen tank. She was eventually fined for not displaying a coupon.
1/11/06 4:30 PM

Who are the ones u are blaming now? The ones who called the authorities or the authorities?

How is it they didnt see fit to waive the fine?

What's ur grouse here?

How come ur fren dont see it fit to apply for a disabled label?

If u think that u have a case here, by all means, let it out.
We, also have a right to make our case. Like I said, there is no need to resort to such language. It makes u come out lookin like a sore loser. Of course if u dont mind that, then by all means go ahead. No one can really stop u if that is how u were brought up.

I tend to believe the above anon.. I think this is just a fake story to generate attention. That being the case, I will not be brought into this argument anymore.

Anonymous said...

im just annoyed by the fact that some busy body decided to call the authorities. they didnt fine her for parking in a disabled lot after seeing her in that condition but they issued her a summon for not displaying a coupon.

yes she did break a rule by not displaying coupon but had the busy body (like many here) not call the authorities, it could all have been avoided. at the end of the day the one who takes it all isnt the guy who called the authorities. its the authorities who got richer with the 30 fine and the parking warden whose job was made easier coz of that idiot who called him.

as for not applying for a disabled label, im sure she has her good reasons. i cant comment here as i dont just make up stories on her behalf.

Admittedly i cant stop you guys from being nosy, its just in you. that is why this site was even created. so im just asking you to be kind to a white evo in a disabled lot if you ever see it. if you with to take pictures of it and put it here, thats really fine. but please dont call the authorities, its unnecessary.

i dont stand for selfish people parking in disabled lots. as for the nissan sunny pic, lets just assume that the nissan sunny is guilty of being selfish. but i can assure you that the next time i see the same car on the road, im not going to be able to recognise it. im sure you get my point here.

SUBUTEX said...

To the friend of the “woman with Oxygen tank”,
If what you are saying indeed is actually the case (she is a sick due to the medical condition she is in), she should be approaching those bodies that issue the “Disabled” lot parking disc. they could classify a "Disabled" case due to medical condition.

You said in ur earlier note that someone called the police and eventually ur friend was fined for “Parking without a parking coupon”. I’ve not heard of police issuing a coupon parking fine. Only parking wardens issue parking violation fines.

Pleading others not to call the authorities when they see a disabled lot being abused, is not the right call. The URA, HDB have placed the signs right at the top of the lots “"Reserved for People with Parking Label for the Handicapped. Please call 63543279 to report unauthorized parking”. Certainly its not wrong to report. How in the world are others to know the circumstances you painted? If many think in that manner, there could be even more people abusing disbled-people lot and more case of inconveniences caused to real-life disabled persons.

I recalled there were a number of newspaper forum letters wriiten on an issue where a lady who need to carry an oxygen tank with her wherever she goes, was turned down a disabled lot label (about 2 months ago). The authorities then replied that the facts presented to them in the application was not enough to warrant the label. The lady was asked to submit more medical documents to support her application. I’m not sure if ur friend is that letter writer.

It’s difficult for others to imagine a disabled driver driving a high performance car such as an evo and it makes sense to assume the “parking Idiot” tag as there was no “Disabled” label. This site is supporting all the pro-parkers and will not hesitate to comment on parking Idiots. Every human will have the “regret” feelings, although some will be shy to admit. I don’t think people will park as an idiot intentionally as a matter of “Protest” from being called an idiot. That will only proof our points that its indded an "Idiot".

I support the writer that advised you not to use vulgarities, as it does not help the matter, but gives others the bad impression the writer has. Your comment may even be deleted by the ADMIN, leaving with a blank space. It does not do you good to put forward your points, then get deletd later.

We welcome you in support of rebutting Parking Idiots with or without shameful comments. I share my empathy to ur friend, as no one would want to be in that medical state. I suggest u assist ur friend to apply the Disabled lot label, till she gets it. In the meantime, I’m aware of “a White EVO” she drives. Be prepared to get more glares from others on this and just accept it.

A personal thought from me: “if she is already having breathing difficulties, couldn’t an EVO raise her adrenalin to an even higher level and worsen her state”?.

The site’s aim is to raise awareness of bad parking and remind them on inconveniences caused. It’s hopeful that the bad-parking trend goes downwards. I recognized the rare circumstances such as your friend’s, but don’t blame others for raising the matter. I’m sure the % of genuine-needs cases are far very low, as compared to genuine “Parking Idiots”.

I hoped u are not lying on the medical state ur friend is in and wished well for ur friend’s health.

There is no need to resort to vulgarities to put my points forward, and perhaps u should too. Thanks for ur points raised in painting the picture for ur friend.

Disabled only drive normarl car said...

Oh please, the ADMIN is already dead. What goes around come around. Just too bad... my condolences to his family.

Oh ya...

"If just driving an EVO is not for the disabled then SPORTS are not for the disabled as well."

No logic? Well that's for you.

Anonymous said...

Now that is FUCKING FREEDOM of speech!!

Anonymous said...

the post with the many vulgarities wasnt from me. since im tyin as anonymous, i cant stop others from posin as me. but hey its alrite, he/she was probably in support of my statement and did it with good intentions.

i might be wrong on the police part but she certainly did get a parking summon at the end of the day.

her case may be an isolated one, but im sure there are also people who parked in disabled lots for good reasons (convenience doesnt count as a good reason).

my friend has not been out of her home for a while now, she's just too sick to go out. but i assure you she is one strong gal in fighting the odds presented to her in life. and i do hope to see her white evo parked in disabled lot, with or without a label, soon.

SUBUTEX said...

hi to friend of White EVO,
Firstly, I wished her better too. If there is a white EVO which turned-up here, do respond to it,
Please get a registered Nickname, so that i (we) the proponents, will know that u are genuine and others may not be an imposter on you (but its entirely ur choice on that nick name reg).

Continue to assist her to get the disabled disc, so that her predecament could be lessen. Hoped to hear from you on that good news.

Anonymous said...

So people who report possible abuses of handicapped lots are busybodies?

What about those 'busybodies' who stop to catch snatch thieves or molestors when its none of their business?

Hope you wont even need the help of such 'busybodies' one day.

Anonymous said...

I total agree!!!

Anonymous said...

i strongly object this ppl who said :-
"As usual, when they are on duty - they park where they deemed fit. "

Its on the fourth comments,what do you mean on duty ,park where they deem fit?
must follow the rules!!!
suka suka park ah?
police so what?
carpark attentent come,not need to give summon lah?
police not need to follow rules ah?
which rule said police on duty can park where they deem fit?