Wednesday, December 01, 2010

507. SJM 3878 C

Contributed by Plasticine:

This idiot is unbelievable. He must have been drunk when he parked like this. I mean, nobody would even dream of parking like this if they were sober. He must have been absolutely blotto; it's even amazing that he managed to nicely squeeze in between the motorcycle lots. The traffic police should keep an eye on this moron to catch him for DUI.
(And thanks to the contributor for placing the warning sign on the car - let the fella come online and see his idiot action on the web.)

Taken at MSCP Q84 Holland Close on 23 Nov 2010 evening.

This car was parked like this for at least 8 days! Amazing! All the way from 21 Nov till 29 Nov - and received 3 parking tickets. They should have towed the car away and left it at the impound.

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Anonymous said...

Great job!
I'm one of the users of this carpark. This guy has been parking here for at least 1 week. Saw the note on his rear window but it was taken down the next day. I also saw 3 parking tickets in front. Probably paid $200+ in fines ...woohoo!
He is defintely not a resident here. Now I see him kwai kwai park in a proper car lot :))