Tuesday, December 07, 2010

510. SJJ 8826 K

Contributed by zac:

Unskilled driver parking head in but FAIL! It's not as bad as some, but still parking like this just makes life difficult for others. See the MPV next to the idiot's car - that guy can park properly, why can't this idiot be as good? Seriously need to develop better skills and a more considerate attitude. Even the cat disapproves, and stands away!

Taken at Bedok Central.


Anonymous said...


My name is Maria and I work at Channel NewsAsia. We are doing a show on blogTV about online vigilantes who take photos of driving offenses and post them on websites like Stomp. Your blog is kind of similar and relevant. Would you be interested in talking to us about your contributors and what you hope to achieve with your blog? Thanks! Please email me at mariaronald@mediacorp.com.sg

Extreme Power said...

Put a note there, 'Big car. Nice. But small brain leh..smile, your car is famous in the blog keke.'.