Sunday, December 19, 2010

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ParkingIdiots blog has been back in action for a few months now, since the hiatus for a long time. The incidents of idiotic parking, I personally feel, have abated somewhat in the last couple of years - perhaps, in part due to the shame caused by blogs such as ParkingIdiots and Stomp.

Sadly, however, it is merely wishful thinking that they have been totally eradicated - judging by the contributions I am receiving from drivers and other road users in Singapore. The contributions have been slowly increasing, as ParkingIdiots blog's comeback is spreading across the web news. The next few posts I shall be posting are idiotic parking incidents captured in just over a day.

For those who watch ChannelNewsAsia's BLOGTV program, may have taken note of last week's (14 Dec 2010) episode which discussed Road Rage incidents in Singapore, and how very few culprits are brought to justice. Thus, they wanted to know if shaming them, as ParkingIdiots blog has been shaming inconsiderate drivers in parking badly, would be more effective than just depending on the authorities.

Well, they interviewed yours truly on air to discuss the merits of setting up a blog site to shame such drivers, and I gave my views on why I started ParkingIdiots. If you missed the episode then, here it is below:

Well, we continue our good work to rid society of this anti-social behaviour. Back to the trenches, boys and gals! Remember, if they don't know they've been caught, they won't be shamed. So please print out one of the convenient ParkingIdiot labels from the right side bar of the blog, and place it on the idiot's car when you take a photo. Here's a sample:
If you have any suggestions for more creative labels, please send to me and I'll link up for others to download, and give due credit to you. Please continue sending me those photos!

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