Sunday, December 26, 2010

517. GW 7363 C

Contributed by irritated passenger:

Not only a Parking Idiot, this van driver is also a Road Bully.  This moron parked his van onto the edge of the parking lot as seen in the photo. And when the passenger of the red car had to squeeze to get out of the tiny space available, had inadvertently touched the van. The Road Bully driver had the audacity to get out and berate the red car occupants. (I'd have decked the fella one on his nose for his brainless action.)

Unfortunately for the idiot, the red car occupants had ignored his rants and chosen the smarter way of getting back by posting the story on this blog. So now, Mr. Road Bully Parking Idiot Van driver of GW7363C, welcome to the Hotel Internet - you can check out any time you want, but your infamy will never leave!

Taken at Shunfu Estate on 25 Dec 2010, 2:50pm.

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