Sunday, December 19, 2010

515. SBB 2882 Z

Contributed by Miss Miffed:

Here's a rich idiot! Able to afford a Maserati, but unable to afford a good driving instructor - failed parking!! Occupies 2 lots in a HDB MSCP - serious learning deficiencies. If so rich to afford the parking fines, he should just park out on the service road and get booked, instead of depriving considerate drivers of a parking lot. This moron gives all Maserati drivers a bad name.

Taken at Mei Ling St Multi Storey Carpark on 17 December 2010 at 10:50pm.


Anonymous said...

Not just the Rich, met a taxi driver from Premier Taxi who park on the line leading to the driver on the car beside unable to get into the car.

The taxi driver arrival later and refuse to move saying that on the line is still in the lot.

Anonymous said...

hello to cocks who never drive, we all park like that to avoid the likes of mpv & suv from causing selfish door dents on other rich cars

carla grace said...

I dont think he is unable to park correctly he has knowingly parked it that way. The ride must have been new and he is trying to create a space so it doesnt get scratched . gatwick chauffeur parking

perry cole said...

That is quite stupid. its taking space of 2 for 1. gatwick parking deals