Thursday, December 30, 2010

519. SJR 5646 R & SJS 1999 T

Contributed by Khim:

Dumb and Dumber parking together. Idiotic parking must be infectious, as the above VW and Kia drivers must have shared some dumb ideas with each other. Christmas eve, supposed to be a day of giving - but these selfish drivers take 3 lots to split between the two of them, depriving another driver of a parking space in such a congested carpark as Queensway SC.

Taken at Queensway Shopping Centre on 24 Dec 2010.


Zul said...

Argh, it always gets my blood boiling when I see this kind of idiotic parking.

To be fair, though, Queensway SC's parking lots are narrow and there is barely any leeway beside the pillars.

That said, I parked fine when I was there recently. -_-

carla grace said...

That right there is the reason of people having trouble finding the proper parking space. This is quite irresponsible of both the drivers. gatwick chauffeur parking

perry cole said...

People who park like this should be fined only then they will learn the proper means of parking. gatwick parking deals