Saturday, September 02, 2006

374. Contributed by GEN2Freak:

Idiot Honda driver at Changi... too much "fun" on his mind to park properly.

SGC6755S. Taken at Changi Village on 9 June 2006.


pp said...

Fun at Changi Village?! I pity his wife.

Bugis Street said...

Might be a gay himself, for all we know.

SUBUTEX said...

maybe he or she is so HADAP about the Changi Nasi Lemak, so no time to park properly.

Anonymous said...

Vehicle No.: SGC6755S
Vehicle Type: P10 - Passenger Motor Car
Vehicle Attachment 1: No Attachment
Vehicle Scheme: Normal
Vehicle Make: HONDA
Vehicle Model: CIVIC 1.8L A
Chassis No.: JHMFD16206S202229
Engine No.: R18A11010626
Engine Capacity: 1799 cc
Year Of Manufacture: 2005
Original Registration Date: 24 Jan 2006
Road Tax Expiry Date: 23 Jan 2007
Inspection Due Date: 23 Jan 2009

Anonymous said...

Cannot solely blame the Honda driver. The MPV next to it did not park properly either. Force the Honda driver to park like this.