Monday, September 04, 2006

381. Contributed by DY:

Another idiot in the same area. And I thought the Tanjong Pagar area was popular with the carpark attendants. This idiot has no clue about parking with his tail point out onto a busy road at a bend - just asking for trouble.

SDV6140B. Taken at Tanjong Pagar on 28 August 2006 at about 5:40pm.


Challenger said...

Backside itchy. Parallel parking very daunting.

Anonymous said...

Give him a break la idiot! He's still in his lot.

naughtybynature said...

Soo? His parking still not sui sui what!

Anonymous said...

Don't it reminds you of the logo of this site in a landscape view


Parking Idiot said...

Ha! That's a great idea for a logo design improvement!!

Anonymous said...

Vehicle No.: SDV6140B
Vehicle Type: P10 - Passenger Motor Car
Vehicle Attachment 1: No Attachment
Vehicle Scheme: Normal
Vehicle Make: PEUGEOT
Vehicle Model: 206 1.4M
Chassis No.: VF32AKFWF42407022
Engine No.: 10FSC43899201
Engine Capacity: 1360 cc
Year Of Manufacture: 2002
Original Registration Date: 16 Dec 2002
Road Tax Expiry Date: 15 Dec 2006
Inspection Due Date: 15 Dec 2007

Anonymous said...

Hello! ;)
hey... what disturbed news!
what do you suppose about it?