Sunday, September 10, 2006

389. Contributed by bluesnail:

Yet another driver with an inferiority complex. Wants to hide his face by parking on motorcycle lots. Dude.. your car is too big to fit on a bike lot - we can still see it, moron.

SFP1625K. Taken at Yew Tee on 12 June 2006 at about 7:00am.


Anonymous said...

YM2777P ? Your posting correct ornot? 7am stoned, load picture blur ah? SFP1625k la!

Anonymous said...

Haha i guess not 7am as well.... too bright to be 7am.

Parking Idiot said...

Heh... thanks for the pointer.... QA check must have missed this one!

Anonymous said...

Vehicle No.: SFP1625K
Vehicle Type: P10 - Passenger Motor Car
Vehicle Attachment 1: No Attachment
Vehicle Scheme: Normal
Vehicle Make: TOYOTA
Vehicle Model: COROLLA 1.6
Chassis No.: MR053ZEC107071480
Engine No.: 3ZZ4389451
Engine Capacity: 1598 cc
Year Of Manufacture: 2004
Original Registration Date: 16 Nov 2004
Road Tax Expiry Date: 15 Nov 2006
Inspection Due Date: 15 Nov 2007

SUBUTEX said...

now who is the QA person? i think your are the only one right PI?