Friday, September 01, 2006

Children's Cancer Foundation

The Parking Idiots blog is not all about teaching inconsiderate idiots the error of their ways. We would like to contribute to the community in other ways as well. One of these is to promote good causes. And a good cause that's coming up in a couple of days time is the:

Tulip Hearts Day 2006
organised by the Children's Cancer Foundation
It's a Drive-Thru Donation event, co-organised by the good people of the EuroVanClub.
To be held on Sunday 3 September 2006, 10am-5pm at
Kallang Carpark H
(next to Diao Yu Tai Seafood Rest.)

Please go and donate generously, and assist some of these needy kids.


Stingy said...

I donate then what? Got prize ah?

Maybe you should do a good cause in returen now you've become a public niusence...

Ppl donate and you take down the donors photos

Anonymous said...

Ha! Stingy is the nuisance now! Can't even spell nuisance right. Must be your car kanna featured here before...hehehe

niaoku said...

your spelling got As soooo? you must be one of these idiots in here post people's number plate la? my car kanna featured for you to hao lian mah... as least i got car... you? Family bicycle ah?

mn said...

To all PI wardens, here's our chance to catch any parking idots in action!

Botak Only in Army said...

Can shave botak to raise money for Children's Cancer Foundation too.

Anonymous said...

Then your laopeh laobu si liao,also become public nuisance,dong dong chiang if bai sin,sing ang mor song if Ya Sor.So should do a good cause too and just burn.

Then people donate bek gim to you for what?Got prize ah?