Friday, September 01, 2006

362. Contributed by yuan:

A selfish and unskilled driver, unable to park in one lot - during peak lunch time when car park lots are scarce. Very inconsiderate idiot.

SFG4633P. Taken atNovena Ville carpark, on 30 August 2006 at about 1:00pm.


Anonymous said...

Yo Yuan Ass, Novena Ville residents go home for lunch? Why lunch time lots are scarce?

pp said...

Maybe there got tui nah?

Lunch Time Crowd Avoider said...

During lunch time, parking lots are supposed to be scarce. Especially those behind coffee shops.

Chicken Rice Cook said...

Obviously anonymous ass has never been to lunch at Novena Ville.

halfblack said...

scarce or not scarce, parking like that is completely unacceptable. absolute bollocks.

anonymous Ass is obviously a spoilous ignoramous...

Yuan said...

Hey anonymous Ass, presumably you're the parking idiot? Lunch time lots for visitors are as scarce as brain matter in that echoey cavity within your head. There are other lots available which are for strictly for residents only.

Anonymous said...

Not bad, almost dead centre on the line : )

MN said...

now it reminds me of the pilot who parks cars like parking an aeroplane. it must be dead centre with the centre-line.
But pilot normally drives big cars.
i suggest URA / HDB can draw a third line in the middle (broken white line) for the sake of these people.

Anonymous said...

Yuan ass must be hungry and angry at that time.

Anonymous said...

driver 'park' right in the centre of line - so ok!

no demerit point + no fine, so ok to 'park' this position. TP also no position to recall this driver for driving test.

wat u tink ?

SUBUTEX said...

are all of you blind or have cataract un your eyes. cant you see that its not parked in the centre, its off-set to the right.

next time use your nose and make comments, not yout eyes.

askillful driver will be th eone who parks reverse and directly centre on the line.

parking warden said...

Vehicle No.: SFG4633P
Vehicle Type: P10 - Passenger Motor Car
Vehicle Attachment 1: No Attachment
Vehicle Scheme: Normal
Vehicle Make: TOYOTA
Vehicle Model: COROLLA 1.6
Chassis No.: MR053ZEC107046767
Engine No.: 3ZZ4292632
Engine Capacity: 1598 cc
Year Of Manufacture: 2004
Original Registration Date: 11 Mar 2004
Road Tax Expiry Date: 10 Sep 2006
Inspection Due Date: 10 Mar 2007