Friday, September 01, 2006

363. Contributed by junkie2807:

A idiot parker who is unable to reverse park properly, parking in to the next lot and causing the next car to park idiotically as well.

SDR3370U. Taken at Maxwell Food Centre, taken on 8 July 2006 at about 10:00pm.


Operation Desert Storm said...

Driver needs night-vision goggles.

MN said...

Tp OPS sender:-
no . its not night-vision goggles. The driver needs both eyes transplant.
If that does not solve the problem, then the driver needs a brain transplant.

pp said...

I'm sorry, the driver is blind.

SUBUTEX said...

ask the driver to wear a specs for the blind, the latest technology.

parking warden said...

Vehicle No.: SDR3370U
Vehicle Type: P11 - Passenger Station Wagon/Jeep/Land Rover
Vehicle Attachment 1: With Sun Roof
Vehicle Scheme: Normal
Vehicle Make: HONDA
Vehicle Model: CRV AUTO
Chassis No.: JHLRD58402C200563
Engine No.: K20A41900783
Engine Capacity: 1998 cc
Year Of Manufacture: 2002
Original Registration Date: 01 Apr 2002
Road Tax Expiry Date: 30 Sep 2006
Inspection Due Date: 31 Mar 2007

SUBUTEX said...