Friday, September 01, 2006

364. Contributed by junkie2807:

Yet another BMW. This idiot driver thinks it's pretty cool to block the down ramp of a carpark, and make other drivers swerve to avoid him. What a ninny - they ought to give him demerit points for this kind of parking.

SDJ9301Y. Taken at Blk 57 Chin Swee Road, on 9 July 2006 at about 2:30pm.


North South Highway said...

BMW driver wanted to collect toll charges from drivers coming down the ramp.

Parking Idiot said...

Ha! Ha! that's a good one.. toll charges!

MN said...

maybe he or she is a police who think they are doing a road-block. so block anywhere also can.

one day some blur driver will just knock on the car.

pp said...

BMW shots on the rise. Performance better organise a parking school and recall all their drivers.

MN said...

Good idea. the Performance Motors Public Relation Officer should look inot his blog and adressed the matter with the BMW owners.

next is to arrange for a Parking class, FOC.
afterall BMW is:-
B = Boh Chap
M = Morons
W = What?
any BMW owners who disagree?

Anonymous said...

would use B for Bimbo instead of Boh chap.

- JW

parking warden said...

Vehicle No.: SDJ9301Y
Vehicle Type: P10 - Passenger Motor Car
Vehicle Attachment 1: No Attachment
Vehicle Scheme: Normal
Vehicle Make: B.M.W.
Vehicle Model: 318IA/4DR
Chassis No.: WBAAN92060NJ00370
Engine No.: 00609660194E1
Engine Capacity: 1895 cc
Year Of Manufacture: 2001
Original Registration Date: 20 Apr 2001
Road Tax Expiry Date: 19 Apr 2007
Inspection Due Date: 19 Apr 2008