Monday, September 04, 2006

384. Contributed by X2718X:

Another Parking Idiot at the Singapore Expo - it's a wonder there were any lots at all available for normal drivers when there are so many idiots taking up 2 lots at this place.

SGH9040A. Taken at the Singapore Expo on 3 September 2006 at about 10:30am.


Misschief said...

Okay, first of all i am the original Misschief. The real Mcoy. Will be changing my nic soon coz a moronic idiot is using it too! I wanna let u in on a secret. My neighbour attended the Comex 2006 and this is wat she told me.These ppl are actually *choping* the place for their relatives/friends/whatever/. So, when the car arrives, the idiots will shift their cars for the other car to park! Innovative! and u dont need packets of tissue either.

Anonymous said...

lol. thanks for the info. but they don't have to "chope" it for their friends. a wheel clamp will help them.

wolfieboiz said...

haha... wonder if any of these 384 cars have been featured twice... anyway you sure are helping the traffic police meet their quota every day ! Just log on to this page and voila, money rolling in fast.

no money no talk said...

Parking wardens are not around where people who don't park properly abound.

where's the carpark warden? said...

Alas. A wheel-clamp takes a very long time to be deployed. By then, the "offending" vehicle would have been long gone. Actually inside the Expo carpark, cars parked on double yellow lines get away with it because they are still parked within the paid area.

Cub Scout said...

Hmmm... Will we have photographers at parking lots of locations of meetings, when the IMF & World Bank 16000 kids arrive?

Cub Scout

Dior MedolinaChristiana said...

Parking Idiot,

I've seen your blog at the News Paper not long ago, well, don't you teach your viewers what to do when they see inconsederate people?

Last Sunday, My mom and I was parking at our house nearby multi-storey carpark and we had inconvienet parking. When we got out, we passed by our neighbouring car, (sorry I didn't take any photos as I didn;t have a camera at that time) There it written " Please be considerate to others! Look at the way you park!"

The next morning, the note for the Silver car ended up on another car! It shows that the owner of the car is so ___________.
What do you think?

GS said...

if the other car is parked properly, there's nothing he needs to worry abt. however who transfered the note over thou is a real IDIOT.

mn said...

Who ever left the note there is also an idiot! Where's the photo and car plate? At least you can post the car plate rite?

misschief said...

From today onz I will be known as naughtybynature.

To the guy/gal using misschief... Go get your own nick moron!

Anonymous said...

You guys should put up a "Search Idiot" function for people to search specific vehicle numbers... =D

Well done!

Misschief said...

Why would I wanna get another nic, when u are already changing urs? Idiot. Check out the comments and u will know who started the nic 1st. But then again, u're an idiot, so how would u know???

Non-Impersonator said...

Everyone can impersonate anybody when anonymous comments are allowed.

autobot said...

alright guys, let's not bombard each other. steady ok??

our real enemies are the idiot car owners who cannot park properly. Let's go for their throats instead.

Anonymous said...

real idiot!

Photo Warden said...

Hey parking idiot! Why so long still no new idiots photo for us to slam?

SUBUTEX said...

To : Photo Warden said...
Hey parking idiot! Why so long still no new idiots photo for us to slam? 12:29 AM

not enough idiots around so you can be one lah, and let others take a photo.

Anonymous said...

Vehicle No.: SGH9040A
Vehicle Type: P10 - Passenger Motor Car
Vehicle Attachment 1: No Attachment
Vehicle Scheme: Normal
Vehicle Model: C180 ML
Chassis No.: WDC2030462R231935
Engine No.: 27194630747140
Engine Capacity: 1796 cc
Year Of Manufacture: 2006
Original Registration Date: 26 Jun 2006
Road Tax Expiry Date: 25 Jun 2007
Inspection Due Date: 25 Jun 2009