Friday, September 08, 2006

Busy Week

I'm back with your latest daily fixes of parking idiots. I had to leave town for a few days.. things were getting too hot here. I'm back with more parking idiots. Yes... leave that Subutex alone... get your kicks with these idiots - and you can rant and rave about them here... that'll get you higher than any drug fix can.

Contributed by breslin6:

To kick off again, here's a parking idiot from Northern Ireland... yes, the land of the leprechauns and Riverdance. It shows an idiot who's probably quaffed too much Irish Whiskey when he took to the roads, begorra!

AEZ2110. Taken in Belfast, Northern Ireland on 20 Aug 2006 at about 2:15pm.


teetotaller said...

Too much Irish whiskey doth spoil the broth.

Anonymous said...

Boring.. overseas picture no fun one..

Anonymous said...

I agreed. Overseas ones can leave them alone. Not interested.