Saturday, March 25, 2006

016. Contributed by A J:

This SUV driver was lazy to park nearer to the wall; instead chose to park on the line of his lot - not a big issue, but still highly inconveniencing the next lot parking, and causing a domino effect.
Taken on 20 March 2006 about 6.20pm at Cantonment Close MSCP.


puffy_frog said...

bro... this is same to the SUNNY that had park repeated this way...

Parking Idiot said...

Thanks for the feedback. I think it could go either way - I agree that the parking close to the edge is incovenient to others, but the angle of the photo shows the Sunny to be still within the box.

As you pointed out the SUV is parked similarly to the sunny, very close to the edge but still within the box.

In future, we shall be more forgiving of such instances, as long as they are still within the box or just touching the line. We know they are inconsiderate, and you can place a "Parking Idiot" label on their windscreen - but we shall not display on the blog, as whilst not perfect parking, they are still within the lot.

Mickell said...

Yeah. The SUV driver should have parked nearer to the wall in order not to inconvenience the driver who parks next to him.