Sunday, March 05, 2006

Parking Idiots of Singapore (PIS)

This blog was created after experiencing much annoyance from idiots who park inconsiderately all over Singapore. These boneheads create much inconvenience for other drivers with their indiscriminate parking and poor driving skills. One can only wonder how much they paid to bribe their way to buying a driving license.

I invite anyone and everyone who has had the misfortune of experiencing such thoughtless parking to take photos of these vehicles, and send them to be posted here on this blogsite for the whole world to see.

Hopefully, with such public shaming, these boors can wake up and learn to be considerate to other road users.


fiaery said...

What litigation can there be? I wonder. The evidence is clear and I do believe that incorrect parking is a form of parking offence- also, would they risk real public shaming and revealing their real identities if they intend to use litigation on us?

Parking Idiot said...

You are right! I just consulted a legal professional who concured with your view. No litigation possible, as long as the evidence is there, and as long as the intent is not to defame any particular person. We can go ahead and display the full number plate!!

And that's what we are going to do, henceforth! Thanks for the feedback. Things are going to get more exciting now!

Anonymous said...

I think your legal consultant is those at bugis street rite? Idiot!