Saturday, March 25, 2006


Was actually admiring this brand new Toyota Fortuner, when I realised it was parked on the line of its lot, even though there was lots of space on its left near the kerb. It forced the car to its right to park well away in a domino spillover effect.

See that woman approaching from the front right of the Fortuner? That's the driver. Dunno if she saw me taking the photo. She's a bad driver alright! As she was driving away, she drove the Fortuner over the kerb on the left! I shudder to think a car the size of a small tank in the hands of an idiot like this - dunno what other damage she'll do before she learns how to drive and park!

Taken at the open carpark, behind Zhenghua Market in Bukit Panjang on 24 March 2006 at about 10:30am.


Mickell said...

Not just a parking idiot but a driving idiot too! ;p

Anonymous said...

can't help it but feels that women should stick to small cars

Anonymous said...

cant entirely blame the poor lady, but i think the lot is a bit too small for the fortuner.

Anonymous said...

Well... As On The Left Side oF tHE fORTUNER has A Kerb , While The Ride Side Of It . Thre's Still Enough Space For The Other Car....

Anonymous said...

To mr Michael Chua,
Me being the first time here reading thru the post n comments,
I am quite disgusted by U .It seems that u have constantly scolding ppl idiots in every comments.
Don forget U are holding Your precious kid in the photo.
be more Graceful please.Very bad karma will follow yr kid.
Anyway I don own a car.