Friday, March 31, 2006

048. Contributed by Ivan:

This Nissan driver is so unsure of his ability to drive out of an open-ended parallel parking lot that he decided to squeeze some space from the lot behind.

Taken along 328 Katong on 30 March 2006 at about 9:40am.


Mickell said...

Dumbo. The driver behind the Sunny will sure have a hard time getting out if there's another vehicle behind him ;p

Mickell said...

That's why there's a need for a driver to open his door to see if he's in the center of a parallel lot. If u don't open your door to see, it's quite hard to tell, especially if there are no vehicles parked in front of and behind u.

Anonymous said...

mr michael chua, can tell that u are very eng eng and boh tai chi zho, or office work too boring so that everyone can see ur comment on each and every post.

but nevertheless.. two thumbs down for another c0ckanathan who thinks his bonnet is as long as a Z4 roadster.