Wednesday, March 29, 2006

034. Contributed by Vincent:

Now here's a question. Is this car too big for the parking lot? Or is the parking lot poorly designed? There's a pillar in the lot!! But is the design so bad that the pillar totally prevents a car from parking within the lot?

From the photo, my judgement is that there is enough space beside the pillar for the driver to still park within the lot. Even if not, why park beside the pillar at all? Why not park in the next empty lot and leave the pillar lot for a smaller car? Still boils down to poor and inconsiderate parking skills. What do you think?

Taken at Golden Mile Complex Basement Carpark on 27 March 2006 at about 3:45pm. (Number plate masked by the contributor.)


Mickell said...

Don't mask the number plate lah. So that we can keep a lookout for this idiot's car and dent and scratch it the next time we see it parked idiotically ;p

Paul said...

I agree that there should be enough space to park properly. Such car park design are not uncommon.

People love to park besides a pillar because it eliminates one possibility of getting your car banged up by the car beside you.

I noticed that cars who parked head in are usually more poorly parked than if you reversed in the lot.

Mickell said...

This bugger probably just can't be bothered to look for a better lot to park properly in ;p