Sunday, March 26, 2006

025. Contributed by Jason:

Two morons for the price of one. The Toyota Camry was an idiot to start with - parking like his father owns the carpark. Then the Honda Integra is an even bigger idiot to follow the Camry's antics, instead of parking properly in the next lot where there's sufficient space.

Who's the bigger fool - the fool or the fool that follows the fool?

Taken in Bedok. Submitted on 25 March 2006.


Mickell said...

Help! We are surrounded by idiotic morons and moronic idiots in the carparks! ;p

Anonymous said...

Hey bro, I understand how you feel man. But the thing is I have been forced into such a circumstances before.

Picture this, u drive into a carpark its jam packed, you are in a rush, and theres only one lot, but that bugger next to the empty lot has parked in a way forcing u to park probably OUT towards the other side as well. You see, its a collateral damage issue. sometimes when we see an individual car parked in a weird position, probably can give them the benefit of the doubt that some ding dongs before them CAUSED so.

Anyway like I say, I understand how u feel abt some ppl who can't park for nuts.