Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Should we show the numbers?

News about this blog has been mentioned at various online car forums in Singapore. Some forums have sparked of debates about whether this blog serves a purpose without listing the car plate numbers. Even though the picture is there, without the number, the car is virtually anonymous.

The intention of blocking the numbers was to prevent any possible litigation, but some argue not to worry as the photos are clear enough of the action. Without direct shaming, the culprits will hide behind their anonymity and continue their idiotic parking. What do you think? Should the numbers be displayed? Or at least partially covered, to give the idiot some benefit to correct his action without getting fully shamed? Please give your opinion.

There was also a nice quote from Golden Feather of the BMW SG forum: "If you can't park, don't drive"

There were other calls from various forums to show other inconsiderate driving behaviour, and not just limit it to idiotic parking. I think for now, let's see if we can do the idiotic parking coverage well.

I am heartened at the large number of encouragements for starting the blog, as well as the contributions received so far. I hope people continue to send in their contributions and prove the usefulness of this blog once the number of parking idiots reduce in number. We can make a difference.

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