Monday, August 21, 2006

293. Contributed by Billy:

SUV story. Big assed Hyundai driver does not know the meaning of parking. Since it's an SUV, should have gone on and parked on the grass for all he knows about parking properly. In fact, the little piece of paper on the windscreen is a "summons" from an irate person who was obviously not amused with this idiot's parking. Moreover, he has been issued an official parking summons from the parking attendent as well!! Justice is served!

Taken at Toa Payoh, on 21 August 2006 at about 12:30pm.

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PP said...

Somehow, Tucsons get featured pretty often here, heh? Is this car's ass really that big? Or does its design comes with tons of blind spots? Whatever it is, all it takes is a bit more effort than drivers of other smaller vehicles. Tucson is one of the most affordable SUVs around in the market. Its driver can literally look down on drivers inside vehicles lower than the Tucson. The best thing is: It doesn't cost as much as Volvo XC90. Kia Sportage is another SUV priced around the same level as Hyundai Tucson.