Tuesday, August 22, 2006

298. Contributed by Daveton:

Beemer. Nice number plate. Foolish driver.

Such an easy spot, any P-plate driver could have easily parked properly. But not this moron. He is happy to park like an idiot. Well - I hope he is just as happy to get his photo on this blog.

SDP3399Z. Taken at Kallang MRT MacDonalds, on 21 August 2006 at about 6:00pm.


GunnerXIII said...

Hi your blog simply ROCKS!! Keep it up! If I happen to see these IDIOTS, I will send you their photos!

Parking Perfectionist said...

BMW X3. Wish Magneto was around to levitate the car some place else :)

MN said...

BMW should consider introducing the "How to park a BMW for Idiots" course, in addition to the BMW Safety Driving Course. This idiot needs it badly!