Saturday, August 26, 2006

328. Contributed by CL:

Here's a MPV driver who is clueless about parking head in. My advice to the idiot is to follow the teachings of the driving school, reverse in to park.

On a side note, look at the silver car on the left side - it's also parked on the edge of the lot: borderline idiocy.

SDG6358U. Taken at Jurong East Swimming Complex on 25 August 2006 at about 12:00PM.


mcp said...

Most MPV drivers suck at parking... espically women who drives them! no skill one

Anonymous said...

They are all the same...I mean women.

MN said...

on a more symphatetic note for women, they must be something that they are good at right?
so give them chance lah!!

we cannot leave without them either, right? if cannot tahan how??