Wednesday, August 23, 2006

308. Contributed by CS:

Poor lost Mitsubishi driver. Seems that this driver is not from this estate, according to the contributor, who had placed a "Parking Ticket" on the windshield. I think this driver is not from this planet - if this is the way they teach people to park in whichever dark place he crawled out of.

SDB638C. Taken at Normanton Park on 19 August 2006.


PP said...

"Brilliant" parking indeed.

Anonymous said...

The guy /gal who took this pic is a showoff moron. Use the decals provided! Not write what you like IDIOT!

Anonymous said...

Brillant shot to your head asshole

Q said...

isn't this a place to showcase bad parkers? when did it become a "slam the poster" blog?
did it not occur to you that a decal was not readily available?
so much unnecessary anger..doesn't make sense..
oh wait..could you, anonymous, be the owner of that car...?

dioxin said...

not everyone walks around with a pocketful of decals, anonymous.

shows how "smart" you really are.

"ooh!! a parking idiot! let me go back home and print a copy of the decal like what the anon blogger said! WHEE!"

Anonymous said...

erm this car was parked behind my block? i wonder who the owner of the car belongs to. and i wonder who the photographer is. LOL! PARKING IDIOTS!