Wednesday, August 23, 2006

312. Contributed by LNK:

This is an unusual case compared to our usual bunch of idiots. Here is a road where illegal and inconsiderate parking is abound. All manner of trucks, prime movers, trailers are parked on both sides of the road througout the day. The road is a dual-carriageway divided by a single unbroken white line in the middle. This clearly means that there should be no parking on either side of the road. So this means that this is blatantly illegal parking.

Illegal parking aside, the manner in which all these huge vehicles are parked on both sides of the street cause continuous obstructions and road hazards to other road users. The contributor sent many photos, of which I picked just four to display.

I guess many of us may not understand the problems faced by the regular users of this stretch of road, where they have to navigate carefully through this long obstacle course, whilst driving against traffic along the middle of the road. The traffic police should take a closer look at this road - they could probably fill their monthly quota in a single sweep.

XB2341H. Taken at 10 Jalan Buroh on 23 August 2006.


PP said...

Is Jalan Buroh a bit too far for parking wardens on scooters to nab their catch?

Anonymous said...

Big Bully . . . can park anywhere deem fit as parking warden not capable to issue tix to slot on the wiindscreen - too high.

Anonymous said...

maybe they have special privelages becos they are a special company here. Semi govt ?

Anonymous said...

i think u nothign better to do drive there those road see once can tell are for heavy truck ma wa lau

Anonymous said...

I think you damn bo liao, you parking warden ah? Take so many picture for wat?