Wednesday, August 23, 2006

305. Contributed by Parking Warden:

Here's a nice looking Peugeot owner who is clueless about parking. It's a wonder if he does not get into a scrape with some irritated trucker if he keeps on parking like this.

SGF1145U. Taken at Roxy Square 2 on 20 August 2006 at about 3:00pm


PP said...

Yup. If a trucker comes and parks close beside this Peugeot 407, chances of it getting scratched or dented would be high.

Lord Tas said...

Hey! Welcome back! I almost lost faith and wanted to delete the link but thought I tried to see if it was updated. Good shots of idiots to start the day, almost as good as a cuppa in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Why you bother? You're such a Kaypo!