Saturday, August 26, 2006

334. Contributed by Wayne:

Yet another Nissan - this time a pickup, who hogs the disability parking space... another prime idiot. Kiasu, lazy, inconsiderate idiot.

GZ2535R. Taken at SAFRA Mount Faber on 25 August 2006 at about 10:40pm.


MN said...

Before some people think that they are mentally handicapped and parks at handicapped lot, they should go to Institute of Mental Health Hospital and let the doctor verify them first.

After getting their "Handicapped lot" parking label, they can then park at there. It seemed that many are skipping this crucial verification test.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you know?! He was ferrying your handicap mother!

Anonymous said...

Since they park their cars at the handicapped lot and the drivers are not handicapped themselves, then high time, the vehicles be handicapped. Leave to your imagination how to handicap the vehicle!!

PPP said...

At least driver parked sui sui in the lot meant for the handicapped. The driver is supposed to listen out for the annoucement over the public address system which says: "Will the owner of vehicle number GZ2535R kindly remove his vehicle from its current position? We will count to 10. By then, the vehicle shall be wheelocked."

Phantom Prospero said...

Hur Hur..

I find that not funny enuff