Monday, August 21, 2006

I'm Back!!

Here I am again! Back in from the cold, out of the blue!

Did you miss me??? I hope so.... because I am back with a vengeance! Ha! Ha!

I had to go away, for some time since June ... for certain reasons, to remain unexplained. But here I am again.

I was hoping during my absence, the incidences of idiotic parking would have decreased, if not disappeared altogether... but, this was not to be. I still notice these parking idiots continuing to annoy the hell out of everybody else. Therefore, this blog site needs to be revived and to be continued!

I also noticed that this site got featured on The New Paper today (21 Aug 2006).

Also, there are spin-off parking idiot sites as well! Well done! You parking idiots out there are not going to get away! You can run... but you cannot hide, as Ronald once said.

I hope all the contributors to this site have not given up... please do continue your mission to capture on disk all the parking idiots out there, and we'll put them up for public ridicule, until they learn, the hard way, to be considerate road users.

My humblest apologies to all that have been wondering without word to what happened to me and this blog .... certain other priorities got in the way, but I hope I can continue blogging, henceforth, without much interruption. Please continue your support!

By the way - I have got a new email address: - please send all your contributions to this address from now on. The other one seems to have some limitations.


By Mistake said...

Miss U so Much !!
Welcome back !!!

Protex said...

Cheers mate.. nice to have you back.. carry on the good job~

Parking Idiot said...

Thanks very much!! Hope to stick around a lot longer this time...

.... all those parking idiots... change your naughty ways, if you want to drive this blogsite out of business!!

DK said...

Welcome back.

Just a suggestion, maybe you might want to enlist some help. I know it is kinda hard for you to maintain this blog alone. Too many parking idiots in singapore. The backlog can sometimes go up to few weeks.

Maybe get a few friends or anyone you could trust to help post those contribution to the blog too.

Nice to have you back. :D

NiHiLaS said...

Hey, I've gotta commend you on a job well done.. I had been frustrated wif these PIs too n was wondering wat could be done to shame them.. It wasn't until I read the TNP article dat i realised such a blog exists.. Continue de gd werk man!

wiselywitch said...

Keep up the good work!
Behind you all the way!!!

MN said...

i just joined this site immediately after reading the "Today" newspaper. it worth the time spent to see the idiots and read the comments. keep it up.

Anonymous said...

You think he are enlist help?
He had betta keep his head low or his head will roll
Hes now a public enemy

Paul said...

Welcome back. I guess rumoured of your demise (in the press) was greatly exaggerated.

There was speculation that you have gone 'hiding' because of threats and what-not. Personally I never believed this was the case because people who takes the trouble to park properly have nothing to fear of being ridiculed on-line.

It is also so interesting to see most (if not all) negative cum threating cum unsupporting comments are made by 'Anonymous' people. Kinda speaks volumes to me. :)

Anonymous said...

Too free, nothing better to do.