Monday, August 28, 2006

341. Contributed by Vikki:

This green car, with a green driver, believes that motorcyle lots are perfect places to park his car. I wonder if this what he was thought at driving school.

SDU9118C. Taken at Kovan's Heartland Mall on on 27 August 2006 at around 1:00pm.


PP said...

Green car. Green driver. Green parker.

PP said...

Wanted to get out of the way of other cars, at the expense of several bikers who might have needed those lots.

老星洲 said...

I susgest that the motorcylists should park on top of the car.

MN said...

this is a Renault car.
its rare to see a Renault car parking idiot.
so Renault car dealer is doing a good job in their post-sales parking class for the drivers.

BMW Performance Notors should learn from Renault dealers. Cycle and Carrige (Mercs) will be next.