Thursday, August 24, 2006

318. Contributed by NI:

This is a dangerous and selfish truck driver. Not only did he park illegally blocking the access to a fire hydrant, he also parked crookedly into the next lot, thereby preventing another driver from parking there. At first the contributor thought this truck was making a delivery, and thus would be there only a short time - but, hours later, the contributor noticed that the truck was still parked at the same spot. Somebody issue him a parking offence notice!!

YL2104L. Submitted on 23 June 2006.


PP said...

Lorry thirsty. Waiting for fire hydrant to burst so it could drink some gushing water.

parkwell said...

Lorry carries LPG canisters... so park next to fire hydrant in case the canisters spontaneously combust, the hydrant is right there...

question is, how would the SCDF get to the hydrant next to a blazing lorry?