Thursday, August 24, 2006

317. Contributed by Pure Devil:

Here are 2 idiot bikers with grandiose ideas that four wheels from 2 motorcycles are equal to four wheels from 1 car. Perhaps they should start paying the same road tax, car park charges, COE and whatever other taxes that car owners pay, before having such foolish ideas.

FN8451J & FBA3841R. Taken at Blk 657 Choa Chu Kang on 24 June 2006.


PP said...

4 wheels for less than the price of 1 car. These guys sure know how to work their sums.

Darth Grievous said...

Well, can't really blame them.

LTA says motorbike occupies 2/3 car space. Now 2 fit into one slot proves LTA wrong.... hahaha.. just joking.